The competition “Education through the book” has announced the winners of

In Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was held a solemn presentation of diplomas and memorable prizes to the winners of XIII competition publications “Education through the book”. Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church together with the Federal Agency for press and mass communications, with the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill conducted a competition for the thirteenth time.


This year has impressed critics and observers of the thematic coverage and geographical coverage. For awards equal fought and recognized giants of producing theological literature of more than one year, such as the publishing house of the Sretensky monastery, “Political encyclopedia” ROSSPEN, “Siberian Blagozvinnitsa”, “Assembly”, “Cognition”, “Nicaea”, published by St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University, and a modest publishing departments in the dioceses.

And even the publisher with the library: to fight with monsters of the market ventured Kurskaya Oblastnaya Biblioteka dlya SLEPYKH them. V. S. Alekhin, sending the competition a digital version of the book by Irina Pavlova “Vyacheslav Klykov. Warrior of Holy Russia”, performed by Nina of Olesno. The smokers took the chance, and not in vain, won 3rd place in the category “Best digital edition” modern trends in book publishing is not passed by the competition “Education through the book”.

“If people in cars want to hear not only pop music, but also literature, let’s give them guidelines,” she said in the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church and several years ago introduced the nomination “Best digital edition”.

This year the clear winner here was the book of Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev) “Jesus Christ. The life and teaching”, performed by Igor Ilyin (publishing house “Knowledge”). Along the way, to believe that the Church and Tolstoy inconsistent, misleading in the same category and noted “Anna Karenina” – performed by Alexander Kliukvina (“Union”).

But not a classic one alive for the reader. Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church chaired by Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk in their projects are never limited to any generally accepted names or the limits of the Garden ring, making the rule support for the authors from the provinces. This applies to and has already become a significant event in cultural life of the country of the Patriarchal literary prize, and the contest of literary works written by children – “Summer of the Lord.”

Was no exception and the competition “Education through the book”. In addition to the works written by eminent authors, by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk (Russian Alfeev), Metropolitan of Saratov and Volsk Longin, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onuphrius, winners were book writers, still little known to the General public.

“To support the publishers who publish non-commercial literature, those who are invested in the spiritual revival of the country, one of the tasks of the competition, and is especially important this support to the publishers and authors from the regions”, – said Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk.

Far from the capitals – not out of cultural and spiritual life. This idea was confirmed by the publishing house “Shiko-Sevastopol” have relied on the work of the venerable Dmitry Volodikhin “Volunteer” and not a loser. But the publishing Department of the Nizhny Novgorod diocese released a work of its author, Archimandrite Tikhon (Zatekin) “St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. The life and exploits”, and also became the winner.

Publisher Gzhel state University, presenting the research of Vadim Nikonov and Natalia Usatovoy about the Church and the political repression 1920-1950 years, has earned his reward. It was also noted the publishing house of the Saratov Archdiocese, which released the work of the priest Maksim Plakina “Cathedral of Saratov saints. A collection of the lives of” publishing and Shadrinsk diocese of Dalmatia with the book of hegumen Barnabas (Averyanov) the “Footsteps of father Antonin: from Baturino to Perm. Travel and adventure seminarian Andrew Kapustin during his residence in Siberia (1817-1836).”.

This year the competition “Education through the book” had a lot of historical research. Some unique. Of great interest, for example, is the book “the Sacred Cathedral: the 100th anniversary of the all-Russian Church Council of 1917-1918 and the restoration of the Patriarchate in the Russian Orthodox Church”, published by the Moscow Patriarchate under the General editorship of the Bishop of balashikhinskiy Nicholas. Book understanding Boris Tarasov, “it is about the truth About Russia. Historical views of Russian thinkers and writers of the NINETEENTH century” (“Aletheia”).

Fundamental work in Golovkova and Olga Halloway “loyalty to the Church of Christ in the trials is retained. 1937-2017” (published by St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University).

The readers have already won the biography of the apostles Peter and Paul, composed by Metropolitan Hilarion (by Alfeev), “Answers to questions” Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufriy, the reflections of the Metropolitan of Saratov and Volsk Longin “to Love the Church”, the work of Konstantin Kovalev-Sluchevsky “Eudoxia of Moscow”, “Visible invisibility” Offered by Vigilyansky.

Book Nina Petrova “War through children’s eyes. Eyewitness accounts” is required to recommend to history lessons at school, and the work of Maxim Kuznetsov, “Russian neo-paganism. History, ideas, myths” worthy of study in universities.