“The Chronicles of predatory cities”: an epic movie for the fantasy lovers

Today in hire leaves a film adaptation of the novels of Philip Reeve’s “Chronicles of prey”. Producer and screenwriter of the film was made by Peter Jackson – the same that gave us the films “the Lord of the rings” and “Hobbit”.

In the Director’s chair, however, rookie Christian rivers, who worked with Jackson on the movies about the hobbit and showed himself as a capable learner. Judging by the trailer, he was not afraid to turn the picture into a real epic. Jackson sees this as the continuity of the films by Tolkien – here viewers will also be able to take in new, like nothing on the Universe.

The main plot, Rewa, develops on the background of the amazing post-apocalyptic world, a giant moving cities consume a small town like predators of herbivores. In the meantime, people have lost knowledge and technologies are as valuable artifacts. The world turned dark, but simultaneously beautiful and more steampunky.

Tom NetSuite, one of the main characters, meets a rebellious girl, Esther Shaw, and they both find themselves in mortal danger. The characters, as emphasized by the producer of the film, deliberately made complicated, it is difficult to apply unambiguously. Esther even outwardly are not similar to the classic heroine: her face is decorated with scars, she doesn’t trust anybody and keeps a lot of secrets. The role of Tom was played by a young actor Robert Sheehan, and Esther – Dick Hilmar, too, is not a very well known face in Hollywood. From old friends on the screen will see Hugo Weaving (agent Smith from the Matrix and Elrond from “the Lord of the rings”).

Fans of epic fantasy, plan a trip to the cinema! And as an appetizer, watch the trailer.

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Chronicles of prey in cities. Book 1. Mortal machine

  • Reeve, Philip; Maya Lakhuti


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