The award “the letter E” presented in the Cultural centre of the ascension

The solemn ceremony of awarding the prize “the letter E” was held at the Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky. Awards in the five permanent nominations received talented writers self-published their works and download audiobooks on a platform of “Litres”.


Nomination “Large prose” is divided between Tatyana mastryukova with the book “Bolotnytsia” and Oleg mushinsky of the detective novel “the lighthouse of Peter the Great”. In the nomination “Small prose” defeated Eugene Kretova, whose collection of short stories “House Windows” liked the jury. Readers choice left for “Jezykowym milk” Alexey Ilyin and “voices” Oleg Kholodov. And the best reader at the end of the evening acknowledged Elena Polonezkoy.

Finalists were selected by a jury chaired by Dmitry Bykov. The jury consisted of the poet and editor of the magazine “New World” Andrey Vasilevsky, the literary Explorer “” Natalia Kochetkova, literary, Forbes columnist Natalia Lomakina, the writer Denis Dragunsky and voice actor Sergey Chonishvili. Each of them had to read four novels, five collections of short fiction and three collections of poetry.

“We [the jury and the authors] are rapidly moving to the sunset. Young people today write as if we were not. It’s for the best. So be it. And people over forty imitate samples and bad samples,” said Dmitry Bykov, and added that next year “the letter E” will be held under the new rules: contest will write texts on the instructions of the jury to, according to Bykov, avoid “bad imitations”.

Denis Dragunsky was not able to be at the ceremony but recorded a video message. He congratulated the finalists, who were called “writers of the people”.

“Creative potential of the nation is not known. But I believe that he is infinite. It so happened that we have access to a large audience. We the audience involved in evaluation of the various books of samizdat. I repeat: the goal wasn’t to find a new Tolstoy, we wanted to provide an outlet for creative potential,” – said General Director “Litres” Sergey Anura.

After the ceremony the question correspondet “RG” on the paper books in the next few decades and won’t move the position of paper-book publishing, Anura replied: “People should not have to choose. People can read in different formats. Sooner or later people will still come back to a full, meaningful texts, tired of the endless correspondence, instant messengers and electronic screens. Paper book, ebook and audiobook – they have to create the triumvirate, developing audience”.

The award “E-letter” established company “Litres” in 2010. Until 2017 it handed the popular Russian writers who distributed their books in electronic format. Today “E-letter” has become a way to find and highlight the talented authors of samizdat. To become a nominee, you need to upload your work to a publishing platform “Litres: Samizdat”, at the same time voiced the audiobook must be downloaded to “Litres” the Reader”.