The author of “Total dictation — 2019” became Pavel Basinsky

Specifically for dictation writer wrote four detective investigation of subjects of the Russian literature

Declared the author of the text for “Total dictation — 2019”. He became a writer and journalist, “RG” Pavel Basinsky. And, apparently, the future dictation will be the most extraordinary that ever wrote on the grounds of “Total”. For dictation Basinski written four “detective” investigation of the most famous, well-known stories in Russian literature. It’s “Mozart and Salieri” by Pushkin, “Dead souls” by Gogol, “the lower depths” Gorky, and the story of the “green stick” on which supposedly the older brother of Leo Tolstoy Nikolai wrote a “prescription” of human happiness.

“I offer my version of these stories, acting as if Porfiry Petrovich from the Russian literature. About Porfiry Petrovich, of course, is a joke. But the investigation will be serious, I approached this case very seriously and responsibly. Someone with my conclusions do not agree, but I tried to be a good “investigator”, said Paul at a press conference, discharge the tense situation of intrigue and mystery, which was created by the organizers of Total dictation.

Basinsky thanked them for working together (“it’s one thing to invent a plot, and another to translate his dictation into text that tests literacy”) and explained that four of the text he wrote to different time zones people are puzzled over different orthograms and not be tempted to call friends, say, in Vladivostok and “consult”.

According to our colleagues, “Total dictation” is not just successful, but without exaggeration a great idea:

“Once a year in one day hundreds of thousands of people, from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad and from Arkhangelsk to Crimea writing a text, checking their literacy. Literacy — this is part of the culture. Thus hundreds of thousands of people check the degree of identity of Russian culture. And it is important not mistake even, they will almost all, and the fact that this unity of the people during the writing of dictation”.

According to Basinski, he still feels doubt and even fear (“if I wrote, wondering whether it will write under the dictation of such a huge audience?”), but is such “trifles” compared with the honor which, according to Paul, he was granted.

“I was told that the dictation was written even astronauts. It’s very cool!” he said.

Original article: “the Russian newspaper”

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