The author of the text of “Total dictation-2019” named Pavel Basinsky

Yesterday at a press conference in the press center of ITAR-TASS the head of the project Olga Repkover announced the name of the author of the lyrics of “Total dictation-2019”. They became Russian writer, literary historian, and critic Pavel Basinsky. Conducting a large-scale action on checking literacy is scheduled for April 13 of next year.

A well-known critic will dictate the texts in the capital of “Total dictation-2019”, which is yet unknown and for her ongoing online voting on the website of the project. This honorary title is a fight between the 14 cities – 13 Russian and 1 Estonian.

The author said that he wrote 4 of “detective” investigation on the most well-known stories of Russian classics – “Mozart and Salieri” by Pushkin, “Dead souls” by Gogol, “the lower depths” Gorky, as well as the history of the “green stick”, where older brother Leo Tolstoy wrote a “prescription” of human happiness.

Dictations will be different for different time zones – three for Russia and one for the United States, where the largest number of foreign participants. According to Basinski, so you can avoid the temptation of calling a friend in Vladivostok, where the event has been held and its results are already known.

Also it was noted that “Total” is, without exaggeration, is a great idea, because it is very important the unity of the people during the writing of dictation – different ages, nationalities, religions – our great country.