Tambov officials were forced to read new literature

Deputies of regional Duma have bought, read and gave the main library of the region two hundred bestsellers. Which piece to choose, prompted the organizers of the charity event “Book tree.”

The lobby of the Parliament of Tambov region may have placed the art object-a tree with multi-colored paper leaves, each of which was written the name of the book. The organizers — the staff of the Pushkin library — focused on the preferences of their readers.

According to Director Lyudmila Pronina, there were new items of literature (prestigious awards), and books of science series, and studies, and popular works, which are presented in the Fund in very small amounts.

Tearing a piece, you had to buy the corresponding book, read it and give the library. Many MPs have gathered a “bouquet” and even left on the endpapers wishes to the future readers. Joined the staff of the administration of Tambov region and forestry.

The results of the unusual reading marathon summed up at the end of October. The library has received, such as “Scenes from provincial life,” the Nobel laureate John Maxwell Coetzee, “my Children” Guzel agenoy and the “Theory of everything” Stephen Hawking. Someone from the officials overcame a thick “Shantaram” by Gregory Roberts, and someone chose the poems of Omar Khayyam, detective Alexandra Marinina or another “mystery of life and death” by Vladimir Vysotsky.

In the spring, “the Book tree” will be green again.

School reading for adults has opened in Tambov regional library named after A. S. Pushkin at the request of its visitors. Students will learn where to find interesting news, how to get rid of literary stereotypes, to understand the meaning of the most complex novels and competently Express their impressions from the reading. To conduct free classes in city library twice a month to be the head of the Youth center “Onegin”, the author of the course for teenagers “King of reading” Olga Suslova. The first group of students already gathered.