Sweden took the decision to create a new Nobel Committee for literature

According to a press release the Swedish Academy released yesterday by the institution along with the Nobel Foundation made a decision to create a new Nobel Committee for literature.

The report said that the newly established Nobel Committee will include 5 members of the Academy – writers, Per Vestberg, Chairman of the Committee, and Anders Olsson, historian Horace Engdahl, poets Christina Luhn and Jesper Svenby – and 5 experts, among whom are critics and publishers, not of the Swedish Academy. The new Committee will start its activities on 1 February 2019.

Giving an interview to a Swedish “TT News Agency” the permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy Anders Olsson said: “as the Nobel Foundation reacted positively to this, we can continue to work quietly on the prize next year.” He also said that the new Committee will work in 2019 and 2020.

Recall that at the previous Nobel week, when the names of winners of the Nobel Foundation in various fields of human activities, the name of the winner of the prize for literature this year did not sound. It is expected to be named next year, as the Swedish Academy, which awarded this honorary award, in may a decision was made to transfer the award.

This occurred after the number of members decreased after the scandal and “around the world has weakened trust.” And according to the rules of the institution for the admission of new members to the Academy required a quorum of 12 people, and then there remained only 11 writers. This authoritative selection of the winner of such a small number of votes could be disputed, on what was also stated by the Nobel Foundation.