“Survivors,” collect money for the publication of a book about those who survived the Gulag

The Gulag history Museum began fundraising for the project “Survivors”. This is a book of memoirs of victims of the Gulag, told in the visual language of graphic novels.

The cover of the book “Survivors”. Photo: courtesy of the Museum of Gulag history

– Such a simple and accessible format selected specially with reference to the youth audience, says the Director of the Museum of Gulag history novel Novels. – It will enable young people to learn about the fate of the grandfathers, victims of repression. The project gives the opportunity to feel the pain and horror of the unjust time, with the fact that everyone decided for themselves how important it is to prevent its recurrence.

Convinced the Museum of Gulag history to go on publishing books the results of the latest opinion polls. So, according to VTSIOM, only 49 percent of young Russians know about the mass repressions in the USSR in the late 30’s-early 50-ies. 25 percent and is first heard of the Gulag in a survey. While about 22 percent believed that the GULAG is “camp for criminals”, but did not know that together with criminals serving the term and convicted for political reasons, and together they died from slave labour conditions.

However, in order to publish the book charts “the Survivors”, the Museum must find the means to draw the collection and its release. Yet since the launch of the crowdfunding campaign managed to collect more than 70 thousand rubles. All the money from the sale of the book “Survivors” will go to the opening of the Museum’s permanent exhibition “GULAG in the lives of people and the history of the country.” The exhibition opens in December 2018.

Dossier “RG”

In 27 years of existence of the Gulag have passed through the camp about 20 million people. Every 10th in the Gulag died.