Stole from the USSR in the “Fantastic creatures” found plagiarism

Last week in cinemas started hire the long-awaited second film “Fantastic beasts”. A new part called “the Crime green de Wald”. After careful study of the films of the Siberian scientists announced the discovery of the similarity of this blockbuster of Soviet films. And this is the conclusion they came not themselves, and using its own design – the hardware-software complex of Antiplagiat. It showed that the new film is a lot like “Purple ball” and “the Guest from the future”.

Eugene Garin, who is in the Tuvan Institute for humanitarian and applied research Deputy Director, said about a complete coincidence of the plot of the new foreign films Soviet films. The main idea is that bad guys who have the ability to change the appearance, decided by a given artifact, to gain complete domination. They have the support of their supporters. Good wizards are trying to avoid this. Garin noted that the similarity of the Soviet films is observed even in the smallest details, which are many.

The amount of detail is the bite from Alice’s crocodile, which in the new film the heroine receives from the water dragon. The chase scene on the flippers in the film “guest from the future” in the foreign version of the film was significantly changed and yet recognizable in the escape of the villain green de Wald. This is only a small part of similar scenes. Scientists have found a much larger number of matches.

It should be noted that scientists are not too surprised by the results, who issued a “Antiplagiat”. The fact that he had previously been used to test the first part of this movie, and it turned out that the part is 90% like the cartoon called “the Mystery of the third planet”, released in 1981. It turns out that the plot of the first “Fantastic beasts” was based on the adventures of Alice Selezneva, invented and written by writer Cyrus by Bulycheva.

The release of “the adventures of green de Wald” waiting for many, and this is confirmed by the earnings of the films. Only in the first weekend on display in the Russian Federation, this story earned 840 million rubles. By the way, the Russian car brought her the most money, if not to take into account the rental on the territory of the United States of America.