Stephen king Russians sold the movie rights to his stories for a dollar

Stephen king Russians sold the movie rights to his stories for a dollar, said the program Director of the Dollar Baby film festival Russia Andrei Popov.

We are talking about project Dollar Baby short films based on the works of king, whose establishment approved by the author. Every year the writer enters into five to ten or more of such contracts with filmmakers and fans (including students) from different countries.

Yet there are three Russian Dollar Baby film, officially certified by the contract Dollar Dеa. This is “the Beach” (directed by Marina Ivanova), “Derailed (directed by Anna Shapiro), “Suffer the little children” (directed by Sasha Domogarov).

Besides, there were signed two contracts with the students from Ufa and Novorossiysk, but these movies for some reason was not removed.

Russian filmmakers were among those who stood at the origins of the project Dollar Baby. In the Soviet Union there is a ten-minute cartoon “Battle”, which is directed by Mikhail Titov created in 1986 on the story “battlefield”.

Within the framework of the project Dollar Baby filmmakers from 20 countries took more than 200 short films. Russia holds a special festival to show these films — Dollar Baby Russia. As they can not be put on the Internet, broadcast on television and sold on DVD, the festival is not the only way to see this independent film, but also an exclusive opportunity to watch rare films on the big screen.

The next festival Dollar Baby Russia will be held in October 2019.