Solzhenitsyn 2.0

Young designers, who translated the works of Solzhenitsyn on the language of comics

In the comic centre of the Russian state library for young adults, awarded the winners of the contest “Solzhenitsyn space: the multimedia space.”

Alex IORSknown schedule, shared his impressions: “I am crushed and destroyed. Because all work is a work of adult professional artists who understand art and see the modern narrative. I don’t even have correctional review in the style of “Oh, but there better not” — all just super. All boys have an obvious predisposition to engage in this art.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the writer very complex texts is not easy and requires a deep research. But students from different art institutions of graphics and design didn’t stop it. Many of them admitted that they wanted to intrigue potential readers, to make what he saw caught and pulled him into the world of Solzhenitsyn’s books.

The selected pieces have become predictable, “Bugs”, “Matrenin Dvor” and “One day of Ivan Denisovich”.

However, this does not affect the variety of incarnations has been submitted and graphic novels in comic books (dark “Duck” charcoal and pastel, graphic black-and-white “One day…”, a tender portrait of Matrona of “Matrenin yard”), and videoarta (one of which, according to its author, was assembled from different “Crocodoc” in the original reading of the author), and even book trailers. Surprised and multimedia Desk, interacting with whom you can learn a different side not only of the work of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, but his own. For example, to know that he was a photographer.

The contestants themselves are not in a hurry to show off their work, modestly claiming that this is just the result of inspiration of the writer. For example, medalist Anastasiya Lavrinova said that “just wanted to convince everyone again to make sure that Alexander Solzhenitsyn is one of the true geniuses of literature.” And the winner of first place Catherine Hudorozhkova, surprisingly, chose “the Case at station Kochetovka” and presented it in the form of a graphic novel, justifying his choice by the fact that simply “stumbled upon the audioplay of this work and are unable to break away. Found and the most striking moment: the conflict between the two main characters and one doubts the honesty of another.” But Catherine still does not consider finished and promises have to finish and bring to an end — “only in the finals will become clear I have chosen the simple style and idea of the work as a whole.”

The organizers of the contest in one voice declare that the aim of the project was originally to attract the attention of young people to the work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. But the jury were not only teachers of art institutions, but she and Natalia Solzhenitsyn, the widow of the writer. Overall work was quite a lot, and to them all to check, had to make even a small tour around the cities. And in their estimation, despite this, in all senses of the jury, have difficulties of — the-art it is difficult to estimate even words, not to mention the specific numbers and rankings. To try to give their assessment of the work of the students and yourself — enough to come to the Library for young people.

Comic Solzhenitsyn

55 years ago, had published “One day of Ivan Denisovich”