Sing an ode to Horatio and the polar cucumber

Writer Dmitry Bykov presented at the Non/fiction two new books — “Song of the polar cucumber” and “black Burden”

The first book is a collection of publications and stories, the second collection of poems. Of course, the writer asked how the book worked and why it was titled “the Burden of black”?

— The work was easy and with pleasure. Everything that tormented me and filled me with bile, was included in this collection. The name is because I have a sense of self, similar to Friday, which Robinson has taught, went to York, and this accident had to stay among the savages. Me position Friday close: in York I don’t need anyone, and with the savages continue to live.

Following a question from the audience concerned the new translation of the play by Moliere: “How did the idea translate “Misanthrope”?”

The idea came not from me, but at the Gogol center. And the essence consisted in that, for example, if the “School for wives” was a bad translation and you can easily take a private transfer, here’s “the Misanthrope” was translated perfectly, and I had much to modernize. And the translation was fun. But here’s me posing is scary, however, I haven’t seen it yet. If you are unable to attend the premiere of the performance at the Gogol center, then come Sunday in the theater of Fomenko, I’ll be there to read the play completely.

Next was a question about the ease of verifying: “How to live with it?”

– Name the poet versification worse than to call a novelist a novelist. And ease — to whom God gives one to do it is inborn, he says. It causes a problem:

the thought sinks in good poetry.

In this lies the problem of reading “Onegin”: to break through the lightness of poetry student difficult. In “the Burden of black” you also should not confuse a certain lightness, which is why there is the poem “After Adorno” where there is no rhyme, and at the moment this is one of my best works. To read this poem is difficult and unpleasant, but if you start it, do something right: it will get easier and easier.

This was followed by the question about on what basis they selected the poems, and whether there was anything that was not included in the collection?

— All that has been written until October 2018, was included in the collection. On the composition I’m not bothered: nearly all printed in the same order in which it was written. Just lined up such a solid composition, meeting the situation: more and more difficult, but more fun.

Continued conversation about prose collection, which includes essays and stories published in the “Russian pioneer”. The writer asked about the difference between writing text for a book or similar publication?

— Is. “Russian pioneer” is such a publication for the elite. It edits Andrey Kolesnikov. And I there a couple of times came with their essays. It can be a little more than the rest, and when all the paper editions die, “Russian pioneer” will remain as entertainment for the ruble. There are printed the famous, the rich, the media people, and they need someone else to set off their brilliance and talent. I serve them in such a background. In the collection I put your sketches there, and one more thing, including my top three story.

In the “Russian pioneer” is defined the theme of the issue, and everyone should on this topic to improvise. Here the theme was “Suitcase”, and I wrote something weird, that it the publication was not included. then there was the theme of “Scenes”, and then everything turned out. Then the topic was “Gift”.

The weirder the topic, the easier and more interesting to improvise

there is a certain ease that can only afford people living on the ruble. Since I do not live there, sometimes I find it interesting to imagine myself in the role of such a person.

In prose, the collection also includes a synopsis of the future novel, “Ocean”, about which the writer told us a little bit:

— He shall go out no earlier than five years. Before him, I will release another novel about the Soviet regime, “Fighter”, it will be the end of the trilogy and the end of this topic for me. About the Soviet regime I have realized something, so more to return to it after this novel I will not. And then I come to the secrets of nature, to nature understanding. “Ocean” is a beautiful book that you cannot put down. But first it will need to write in English in order to get rid of all the linguistic clichés. This work is not difficult, but voluminous, interesting, and even blissful. And I will try to stretch the pleasure.

The writer asked why the collection is named “Song of the polar pickle”?

Because he is devoted to the problems of permafrost. Many oligarchs are now investing in the North, and the North itself PR. And here in “the Pioneer” was once the topic of permafrost. Once Abramovich showed cucumber grown in the Arctic in a greenhouse, and he had mixed feelings when looking at this cucumber: the excitement, horror, disgust. And I — here is a cucumber.

I felt that is the best name. And incomprehensible. A book with the same name wants to buy.

Dmitry Bykov spoke about his favorite classical author:

— Of Course, Horace. Of all the ancient authors he is the most philosopher, and the least scandalous. Bruce Lee’s translation of the “Aeneid” [Ovid’s] a phenomenon even grander than Homer. I like Ovid, but it was his life. Obedience feeling of living close to me. This is the case when the author is more interesting of his works. I don’t like questions about someone I love from contemporary authors, because they are still alive to be offended, and ancient authors will not take offense.

Of American writers of the XX century the writer distinguishes Capote, Styron, Sherwood Andersen, a genius thinks of Faulkner and Hemingway here, except for a few of his stories and “the old Man and the sea”, the Bulls would relate to teenage writers. From a modern American called Franzen and Karbala.

— Russian writers have an advantage over us. An American writer gets the book for a large fee, and becomes an inveterate drunkard. Russian writer large fee gets and continues to write, hoping for something.

The next question related to Victor Pelevin: “why do you love him?”

I do not know. It’s like love. What I love about the woman? For not have time to think, she said.

The writer also described how his mother refers to extreme pedagogy:

It was her idea in the issue that after 40 years the teacher should become a Methodist and to teach others, but she considers this process a couple of months and I think it can be done quickly. But on Friday I have school, and today one of the guys gave me their opinion on “Onegin”. He said, “I think “Onegin” should not be attributed to Byron, and to stern, and in General this novel is a confrontation between Onegin and Lensky, Pushkin and not Remizov, and Byron and Sterne”. And that’s what these kids need pedagogy? Yes, they only academicians can teach! It’s good that I read Sterne and could have something to quote, and if not read, imagine how I would have swam?!

About what will happen to literature in the world of gadgets, Dmitry Bykov said:

— I think that in the future important will be illustrated, the book also carried the visual information.

Will be found a compromise between the graphic and regular novels.

Will develop a network structure and more complex content.

Dmitry Bykov thinks about beauty? The writer explained:

— I have Hegel’s understanding of beauty. It is wonderful that consistently, wholly maximized. And this applies not aesthetic things. Modern Russia is close to my standard of beauty.

T-shirt Bykov depicted Hemingway of course, and asked about this. The writer did not hide where this t-shirt from him:

I’m shopping in new York, was looking for the Hood, and it was not. There was only Faulkner and Hemingway. Faulkner is close to me, but he’s so drunk! Hemingway is still wrong. And Faulkner fell from his horse, and Hemingway shot himself — that’s more like it.

The last issue related columns, which leads the writer in the “Novaya Gazeta” and “Source”. Why wait for new?

— I will not tell you. We are brainstorming for next year will be only 8 Dec. I came up with six new categories, but don’t tell them, but then go and “Kommersant” all lay. Or worse, “new York times,” spies everywhere! All just waiting for when there will be something new in the “Source”. And the whole world culture poteryaet me. But “the Source” will surprise you. And most importantly — what will survive, because we found the money for next year!

In the end Dmitry Bykov read poems from his new collection and highly recommended to purchase this book.

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