Sheremetyevo airport will be named Pushkin, and Domodedovo – Lomonosov

Yesterday summed up the first results of the contest “Great names of Russia”, as reported on the same website, in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation held the final meeting of the Expert Council. The national vote ended with the selection of names of prominent compatriots to 42 airports in the state.

So, universal suffrage the capital air port Sheremetyevo airport will be named after the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Domodedovo will receive the name of Mikhail Lomonosov, the great naturalist, a physicist, a chemist, poet, philologist, historian and lexicographer.

Also, “literary” will get the name of the airport in Mineral Waters – he shall be called, named after Mikhail Lermontov. Southern-the Sakhalin airport was given the name of Anton Chekhov. Airport Coal in Anadyr will be named in honor of Soviet Chukotka writer Yuri rytkheu. The Kazan airport will assign the name of the Tatar national poet, literary critic, translator and essayist G. Tukay.

The airport in Yakutsk will be called the name of the Soviet Yakut writer, philologist and founder of the Yakut Soviet literature after Platon Oyunsky. Air gate of Ufa will get the name of the Bashkir Soviet poet, writer and playwright mustaya Karima. Air Harbor of Vladivostok Knevichi West will get the name of a talented writer, a tireless traveler, scholar and Explorer of the Far East, the author of world famous novel “Dersu-Uzala” – Vladimir Arsenyev.