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Events Non/fiction is rich and diverse. The fair was a presentation of new books film critic and journalist Alena Solntseva about the first producer in the Soviet Union Sergei Selyanova. This is a success story that can surprise.

Book Alena Solntseva “the Life and adventures of Sergei Selyanov and film Studio STV, told by himself” is the result of three years of work. It tells about the formation of Sergei Selyanov as Director and producer and gives you the opportunity to look at the structure of the modern film industry through the eyes of its key participants. The author has tried to solve the most important secret Selyanov: how to be a successful producer, while remaining faithful to the principle “the main thing is the movie.”

“Selyanov I was never engaged in anything other than a movie, he did not think about the enrichment. Film for him is all. It is the only producer who has devoted his life to the production of the film. And is it different from all in the film business. The book, which we represent, not just his biography, it is also the country’s history, the history of the adventures of our cinema that has first been killed and then in some strange way, began to revive” – shared Lyubov Arkus, Director and chief editor of the magazine “Session”.

The book gives the opportunity to look at the structure of the modern film industry through the eyes of its key participants. Photo: book Cover

Alena Solntseva interested in the history of life Selyanov, because at some point he was the only producer in the country.

She many times offered Sergey to write a book of memories, so one day he agreed.

“Now I know about Celanova probably more than himself. I spoke with his colleagues, childhood friends, read the newspaper, watched his work, we often talked to Seryozha. Sat in a cafe, he ordered coffee and I turned on the recorder. So we spent 3-4 hours. Once he even came to my village 450 km from Moscow, and all in order to approve the last Chapter,” – said about his work on the book Alena Solntseva.

At some point, Sergei Selyanov was twelve business projects, and all income from them, he resorted to the production of the movie. In this respect he is very unique, it is usually assumed that producers earn on the budget for the movie, and Selyanov first and for many years the only producer who didn’t. He’s the producer who earns the money for the movie.

“We Selyanov very similar: crazy people who are invested in non-profit business. The publisher is not aimed to earn on the publication of this book, it is pure enthusiasm. Sergey Selyanov became a producer in those days, when there was a Soviet power, he produced his first independent film. It is a success story, which is told beautiful Russian literary language, because Alena Solntseva writes that way,” – noted Love Arkus.

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Sergey Selyanov – Russian film Director, screenwriter and producer, CEO of “STV” and studios of animation cinema “Mill”. Producer of over 40 feature and documentary films.