Selected the worst description of sex

The American writer James Frey was the winner of an anti-award for the worst description of sex in literature in 2018. About it reports The Guardian.

The author of the award was awarded for the novel “Katherine”. In the opinion of the jury, in the descriptions of Freya are so many “questionable long erotic passages” that a writer could win a prize “many times”. The judges particularly noted the scene describe the sex the main characters in a bathtub in Paris.

“Dazzling stunning irresistible explosion of white. Oh my God. I ejaculate in her, my penis throbbing, we both groan, eyes, heart, soul, body are one. One. White. Oh my God. (…) I close my eyes, exhale. (…) I lean against her, both breathing heavily I was still inside her, smiling” — quoted by Frey edition.

James Frey is known for such novels as “a Million little pieces”, “My friend Leonard”, “Bright Sunny morning”.

The list of finalists was published earlier in November. In addition to James Frey it includes Haruki Murakami, Julian Gough, Luke Tredget, William wall, Girard Woodward and Victor Cornwall in collaboration with Arthur Trevelyan.

In 2017 the award for the worst description of the sex scenes in literature receivedamerican novelist Christopher Bollen. The jury awarded the prize for the book the Destroyers with the phrase “an inappropriate attempt to describe familiar concepts in new terms, which ultimately led to confusion”.

Bad Sex Award was established in 1993 by Literary Review magazine. In different years it was received by Sebastian Faulks, Norman mailer, Salman Rushdie, Thomas Wolfe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.