Rostovites showed gradebook Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In the Rostov regional Museum of local history opened an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Alexander Solzhenitsyn “I Have a lot to Rostov every stone…”. It presents original documents of the famous writer and his personal belongings.

Visitors can see the gradebook student of Solzhenitsyn, his Desk lamp, self-published “the GULAG Archipelago”, writing a University friend Emilie Mazin and typewriter “Moscow”, in which Solzhenitsyn had published his first stories and novels.

– It is believed that on this machine it was printed “One day of Ivan Denisovich”, “Matryona” and pages of “the GULAG Archipelago”, – said the author of the exhibition Zinaida Roman. First the writer’s wife Natalya Reshetovskaya remembered that published Solzhenitsyn, though two fingers, but faster.

Rostov meant a lot to a writer. Here he moved with his mother from the airport in 1924. School he graduated “excellent”, and in 1936 enrolled at the University.

The exhibition presents the statement of the Solzhenitsyn of physics and mathematics: “Please accept me into the number of students of the Rostov State University and enroll in the physics and mathematics faculty.” Here the student’s personal file Alexander Solzhenitsyn, his record book, in which, by the way, one of the five. Solzhenitsyn was even Stalinist scholarship.

In our days in the University, though not in the physics Department, and the Philology that is quite logical, open auditorium in his honor.

After graduation, he with his young wife Natalya Reshetovskaya went to distribution in Morozovsk, to teach children mathematics. Hence went to war. Next was a prison, a sharashka, link. And then emigration and world fame.

Rostov was one of the first cities, which the writer visited after emigrating in 1994. During a meeting with students and professors of the University, he said: “…today I am especially worried. On its long journey through Siberia, North Russia, I have seen a lot of audiences of different composition, but all this is incomparable with what I’m experiencing today, because in this building I studied for five years, received higher education: I have a lot to Rostov every stone…”. The last word was the name for the exhibition.

– In 1992, Solzhenitsyn was sent to Rostov sons, Stepan and yermolai, to see his native city, – says Elena Mostovskaya the widow of a University friend of the writer Emilia Masina. – Solzhenitsyn wrote to us: “Be stricter with them. They will sleep in sleeping bags…” Guys we have lived for two weeks. In any sleeping bags, of course, did not sleep, but the education of the boys was really Spartan. In ‘ 94, when Solzhenitsyn himself has arrived to Rostov, he first ran to the Mile to school. Want, they say, to see what you teach children. Mile taught in math class, worked with smart guys. Solzhenitsyn said, “Good kids and know math”. Sasha remembered all the old names of the streets of Rostov, he loved the city of his childhood and adolescence.


Alexander Kozhin, head of the Rostov regional branch of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture:

– In Rostov, where I grew up, studied and where he went to the front, a Nobel laureate, Solzhenitsyn, there is still no monument to him. Although there was a sculptor Dmitry Lyndina, was the sponsor. The sketch was approved, but with the place of installation there is a problem. In the centre of the city, where Solzhenitsyn had the idea of creating such works as “the Red wheel”, install failed. And on the outskirts of the sponsor refused to pay, as the 25-storey houses, the monument would look.