Revenge of Haute couture: the Ghost of the witch on the hill

Since then, as Liam Hemsworth has reunited with Miley Cyrus, his career is moving or shaky-or rolls, while one of his brother, Chris, continues to strike enemies in the image of Thor on the big screen, and the other, the eldest, Luke, lit up on a small, in the science fiction series “the Wild West”. The sequel to “independence Day”, which starred Liam, failed, and still the bright spot in the filmography of the Aussie remain “the Hunger games”.

And we want to recall another work of Hemsworth Junior – role in the tragicomedy “the Revenge of Haute couture”, which received five awards of the Australian Academy and released on the “homeland” exactly 3 years ago. This adaptation of the novel by Rosalie ham that allowed us to talk about the ribbon, in the regular column “Book vs movie”.

Gothic novel about the customs of the province

In fact, “Revenge of Haute couture” – the notion of our distributors, the film is actually called easier, “Tailor” (as the book ham). The debut work of Australian women was published in 2000, Rosalie ham describes it as “a Gothic novel of provincial manners.”

Prior to publication, the author was able to sell the rights to the adaptation, but the project stalled – until then, until he took producer sue Maslin. She bought the rights and hired a screenwriter and Director Jocelyn Moorhouse in order to finally make a film. The shooting took place in Melbourne and Victoria (Australia) in late 2014, the year, and the premiere of the movie took place at the festival in Toronto September 14, 2015.

Such female movie

It turns out that this very “woman’s” movie: the original author, producer, Director, artist, costume designer (and the costumes in this film are almost primary role) – the fair sex. And the Central character of the film – lady, 35-year-old Myrtle “Tilly” Daneg, arrived in his native town Dungate, standing alone in the middle of the Australian desert Sands.

We are from Paris, Hello!

A quarter of a century ago, in 1926, the schoolgirl who was always shpynyat an outcast, accused of the murder of a local teenager Stuart. Then the lawbreaker was taken away from single mothers and sent Molly to a boarding school. Myrtle remembers nothing about the day of the tragedy and wants to know if she’s guilty, and what actually happened in the school yard.

During the absence of Tilly in this Australian backwater, nothing has changed, except that the mother of the heroine, it seems, finally took to drink and went nuts. But Myrtle, the will of fate in his youth, trapped in Paris, became a first-class milliner. She will take revenge on the offenders, and to start to seduce their luxurious outfits, sewn by the dressmaker on the faithful companion, the machine “singer”.

Machine “singer” instead of a rifle

That’s how it all began – this story of vengeance, which the Director described as “Unforgiven” Clint Eastwood, only without weapons, but with a sewing machine”. Well, the plot was intriguing – let’s see how well Tilly has placed points over i, aptly sending Golf balls into the side of the houses of their enemies!

After bringing the mother and her filthy house in “feeling” and a triumphant appearance at a football match when the players ‘ attention was focused on her stunning dress Myrtle, we are anticipating something exciting.

This is the ugly duckling!

Oil poured into the fire, little shopkeepers daughter Gertrude, odnoklasnica Tilly, which she promised to do. And dressed up! So much so that the ugly duckling (Sarah snook) instantly became a Swan (sorry for the banality, but there are even other, worship, transformation stories, like “the Office romance” and Sabrina”, fade). Now apprenticed to a milliner and no end of clients, and “investigation” continues.

From farce to classical tragedy?

Then, alas, we were disappointed. We were ready to forgive the grotesque image of all (almost without exception) of the inhabitants of the town (just a bunch of ugly, body and soul of scoundrels). Even the strange escapades of the local police Sergeant (he likes to dress up in women’s and fine – provincial – versed in the French fashion) and looked through his fingers.

However, the plot was “zastarela”, comic farce turned into a drama (it could do without the two ridiculous deaths), and then passed altogether into the category of pathos of ancient tragedy, where Tilly appeared almost new Medea, however, fully justified in the eyes of the audience. Such twists of the film is obviously not good, and overall a positive first impression – great ideas, excellent retro costumes and entourage – have been blurred.

A caricature of a caricature

And then why all inhabitants Duratura such a caricature? From Tilly could be more robust antagonists. And so – a bunch of colorless ordinary people working in the shop, the local Lothario with the appearance of an elderly accountant from the Soviet satirical Comedy, the hunchback old man-Apothecary, semi-comatose, grieving mother of the deceased boy, snake-like teacher, tailor, not having the slightest taste (she was called to compete Tilly). Yes, just to spit in anyone, and so all down the floor!

No, not Eastwood…

For what it’s worth to watch “Revenge of Haute couture”. For repeatedly mentioned suits – Bravo, Marion Boyns and Margo Wilson, you deserve your awards and nominations! And, of course, for the one on which the brightest of bows, look better only – a Brit Kate Winslet. We don’t know how the British got into a project where other performers – Australians, but she became the main decoration of the film. Although her character is so determined in the prologue, do not lose time fighting heat: which is not a solid way the writers did it, no, this is not Clint Eastwood in “Unforgiven”, never Eastwood!

Hemsworth: Oh, Apollo, Oh, Apollo!

Don’t assume – we have not forgotten and who started! Liam Hemsworth, or rather his character, was a beam of light in the darkness Duratura. Teddy wanted to become a support Tilly! Yes, the scene with the undressing the hero annoyed – just a strip of some sort, and this wild reaction to the mother and daughter, that they, the men with naked torso never seen?

But the character came attractive in all senses. Even despite a naive (after a night spent together with Myrtle, Teddy said, “Now you’re my wife,” sounds kind of weird, they are not romantically-minded teenagers, and “the girl” is well over 30).

Molly: the city crazy

Judy Davis received the award of Australian Academy award for best actress the second plan (plus some awards), but to our taste, sometimes it’s heavily overplayed. This is Molly my daughter doesn’t remember and calls her “jailer”, then abruptly regains his sight and begins to help Tilly. Or is it “development” of the character? For Davis there are two nominations for “Oscar” and we liked it very much in the way of secular gossip girl-reporter Hedda Hopper in the episode “Feud”. But here, I’m sorry, melody, no, no, and get out.

Weaving, remembering youth

Another Australian, won two awards (best male role of the second plan), Hugo weaving, it seems, remembered the youth when famously danced in the women’s revealing outfit in the drama “the adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert”. Only there, he was an actor, drag Queen show, and then police officer from the Australian Outback of the mid-twentieth century, and chic hats and skirts? Kind of a stretch. Although weaving with pleasure “bathed” in the role of Horatio Ferrata, we love him more elven Lord and agent Smith from the Matrix, even though the antagonist!

Beauty is a terrible force!

What does the witch on the hill, you ask? Just Daneja house is on a hill and overlooks the town, as if opposed to him. And local gossips referred to as mother and daughter witches, saying that they are cursed. But really there is no mystery here, and the film we encourage fans of Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth and, again, fans of retro-chic costumes! Beauty is a terrible force, law was referring to!