Researchers of creativity of Turgenev met in a town

All-Russian conference “Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev in the mind of the modern reader” to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth, held in Orel. Researchers of creativity of the writer, the teachers, writers, historians and scientists are discussing a joint program for the study of classic works.

On 2 November it was decided to create a bibliographic resource “Turgenev in the XXI century”, which aims to reflect published from 2000 to 2018, previously unknown manuscripts and research related to the life and work of the writer.

I. S. Turgenev was born in Orel, November 9, 1818. One of the most famous sites in Orel region associated with its name, is a manor house of the mother of Ivan Turgenev, now a state memorial and natural Museum-reserve “Spasskoe-Lutovinovo” (the Mtsensk district of the Oryol region).

The 200th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Turgenev on the TV channel “Russia” – the author’s project Zolotussky “Russian world of Ivan Turgenev” (7 and 8 November at 20:45) and the performance of the Russian state academic theatre. Fyodor Volkov “a month in the country” (9 Nov, 19:45).