Profile of Viktor Tsoi to join the rock club refused to buy at auction

When you join the Leningrad rock club the legendary Viktor Tsoi had to fill in a questionnaire. This document was not lost and he even decided to put on sale during the next auction organized by the auction house “Russian enamel”.

Before the auction, the document was examined by experts who decided that the starting price for this lot shall be not less than one million Russian rubles. The questionnaire was written by the hand of Viktor Tsoi. It is date 8 Oct 1985. In addition to the date of submission of form in a rock club, the legendary performer pointed out, what kind of musical instrument owns, wrote his address and a contact phone number for communication. In the document, he pointed out, the activities of some musical groups he likes. This list includes “the Zoo”, “Aquarium” and “Strange games”.

In addition to the questionnaire drawn up for the Leningrad rock club, the auction decided to put a book with the title “Detective and politics” this publication, printed 1989 it is important that it has the autograph of Viktor Tsoi. On this lot was initially found to be low, the price is just 20 thousand Russian rubles. Surprisingly, none of the lots are not interested bidders, failed to sell.

Robert Choi, the father of Viktor Tsoi, has nothing to do with things put up for auction, and lately it happens quite often. Enriched by other people and Robert says that does not want anyone to fight over the proceeds of the funds.

This time the auction failed to find new owners for the book “Detective and politics” and questionnaire for membership in the Leningrad rock club. November 15 will be a fresh auction. This time for sale are planning to put the license plate number of the vehicle on which Viktor Tsoi was involved in a tragic car accident in 1990. Room “I 68-32 MM” was on Muscovite during the accident and was discovered by some people in one of the garages near Jurmala. This was told Sergei Burmistrov, the Director of “Empire”. He also noted that in addition to rooms, the auction house received and the authorization to drive that vehicle.

It is worth remembering that relatively recently during the auction, its new owner found the notebook and passport of Viktor Tsoi. The cost of a notebook was $ 3 million of Russian roubles for the passport of the legendary rock musician during the bidding raised the price to 9 million rubles.