Seconds: The Shared Soul Chronicles

$13.99 (as of June 23, 2018, 8:22 am)



“The scarlet tattoo marked him as one who’d never been born. It marked him as a Second.” Newbie huntress Tide Yondo is an airhead. She zones out, possesses freakishly good climbing skills, and claims to have a serpentine demon after her. Simply put, she’s abnormal. And that abnormality’s about to get her into trouble. When Tide meets a fanboy named Rye, she thinks she’s found her match. He’s cute; he’s quirky; but there’s a problem: Rye shouldn’t exist! Can Tide find a way to make Rye whole before his existence kills? It’ll take more than just love and luck on this journey to discover the secrets of the soul. Recommended for ages 16+