Echo’s Revenge

$16.95 (as of June 21, 2018, 9:35 am)



The recipe for disaster is evident when empath and mentor Echo Branson steps into the ring once more to face off against Genesys labs and her evil father. Caught up in an intrigue of someone else’s design, Echo must find a way to save the supernaturals held captive on a Hawaiian island before it’s too late. Alone and in the lab where Genesys performs excruciating experiments on others like her, Echo learns that she is far more powerful than even she realized…but even that power, even her incredible supernatural abilities cannot save everyone she loves. In an effort to destroy Genesys completely and for good, Echo must face her greatest fears and finally let go of the one person responsible for creating her. Is her attempt to crush her father’s plans of creating more supernaturals worth the price she has to pay in the end? Is Echo’s Revenge ultimately the end of Echo Branson?