Premiere of the rock Opera “the brothers Karamazov”

The play will show at the art gallery of Ilya Glazunov 9 Dec

An intriguing genre of the rock Opera might not disappoint fans of the classic vision of the novel of Dostoevsky “the Brothers Karamazov”. The “extravagant costumes, rock arrangements, a brand new take on the classic canons, combined with the Zeitgeist of the legendary novel” — say the creators of the statement. The performance will take place in the art gallery Ilya Glazunov on 9 December, reports the website of the River-Show.

“An exciting interpretation of the immortal novel of the nineteenth century. Misery and happiness, mercy and betrayal, crazy love and fatal passion. Eternal torments, temptations, and enduring Faith with the power of the spirit in the soul of the Russian people”, — such is the plan of the Directors.

The interiors of the performance — exposure art gallery: landscapes, portraits of cultural figures, historical paintings, theatrical scenery.

Starring: Teona Dolnikova, Olga Belyaeva, Igor Balalaev, Sergey Lee, Vladislav Camber, Eugene waltz, Denis Demkov, Alexander Ragulin.

Aria Raskolnikov with an axe and orchestra

Rodion Raskolnikov becomes the hero of the game

Visitors will enjoy a quest to the places of Dostoevsky