Participants of the Krasnoyarsk book culture fair-2018 await the challenges of the industrial revolution

Tomorrow starts in Krasnoyarsk fair of book culture, which the organizers (Mikhail Prokhorov’s Fund) will be carried out in 12-th time. The theme of the book forum this season will be the “Fourth industrial revolution” and it will last until 5 November inclusive. The subtitle of the name of the fair this year, according to organizers, could be the phrase: “We don’t know how to live in the modern world, and it’s fun.”

Round tables and discussions of the intellectual part of the program of Krasnoyarsk book culture fair-2018 dedicate a transformation of the social, cultural and everyday life under the influence of the technological revolution. Guests of the fair will meet with the sociologist Viktor Vakhshtein, theatre critic Marina Davydova, a literary critic Galina Yuzefovich, a political scientist Ekaterina Shulman, philologist Konstantin Bogdanov, writer and poet Linor Goralik, a journalist Nikolay Svanidze, author Kirill Kobrin, literary critic and broadcaster Nicholas Alexandrov and others.

A special project of the fair will be Prigov.The fest, which will be held from 2 to 4 November. The festival is dedicated to Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov (1940-2007), one of the brightest representatives of the uncensored culture of the XX-th century. The forum will be held the presentation of the 5-volume collected works Prigov, reading his verses, rap battle based on his poetry, readings of his plays, screening of his video performances, a musical play about his life, as well as round tables and discussions about the different facets of his work.

The theme of the professional program of Krasnoyarsk book culture fair 2018 will be the “Humanitarian dimension of Industry 4.0”. In the “Fashion” during the contest “Dress code: Siberia.”

The whole unit is devoted to understanding the Gulag in the context of industrial development of Siberia: “Euphrosyne Kersnovskaya “How much man”, “letters of the captivity” (study of the typography of the camp), the exhibition “GULAG in the Krasnoyarsk region”.

On the first day of the fair, 1 November, will hold an open debate of the literary prize “New literature” and the announcement of the short list of awards.