On the Arbat opened an exhibition of great thoughts

On the Arbat unusual art object “cell”, which presents a unique photographic images and aphorisms of the Russian philosopher of antiquity, writer and translator, who for more than 60 years he lived on the Arbat, in the house No. 33 opposite the theatre. Vakhtangov. It opened the exhibition “philosopher of the name, number, myth: Aleksey Fedorovich Losev. In honor of the 125th anniversary of the birth”.

Portrait and genre images Losev, which cover almost his entire life, beginning with pre-revolutionary period belong such famous masters as Yuri Rost and Pavel Krivtsov. Some of them never before published, among them the colored pictures that made Valery Arutyunov and transferred to the archive the editor of “Student Meridian” Yuri Rostovtsev. The work of photographers accompany aphoristic quotes from the works of a thinker.

These aphorisms and paradoxes about life, love, suffering, time, faith and eternity were selected from diaries, letters and writings Losev: “the idea of the thing is the thing itself, moving with infinite speed”, “a Myth is a picture of the radiation of the individual, Atheism is the best proof of the existence of God.”

Until December 28, Muscovites and Moscow guests will be able to get acquainted with the work of prominent photographers and well-known philosopher, philologist, theologian and teacher of Alexei Losev, who created a new philosophical system of dialectics of myth, gave a new image of the ancient world, developed philosophy of God’s Name, he founded his own school, he retained the classical tradition of learning and teaching the ancient languages.

By the way, 10 years ago to 115th anniversary since the birth of Losev in “the Losev House” opened a memorial exhibition, while in the courtyard of the house number 33 on the Arbat put a bronze bust of the philosopher on a pedestal made of Karelian granite by sculptor V. V. Gerasimov with the inscription “the Great Russian philosopher Alexey Losev”. Other monuments to philosophers not only in Moscow but throughout Russia.