Non/Fiction in recent times has opened in the Central house of artists

Next year’s book fair will be the new home

— We with a tinge of sadness open the book festival, because “Non/Fiction” the last time is held in these walls, which created a special welcoming atmosphere, opened the 20th anniversary of the “Non/Fiction” head of Rospechat Mikhail Seslavinsky. — We have become accustomed at the end of November, when the rainy weather to gather here at the book festival, where every cell feels the pulse of modern books.

The head of Rospechat noticed that the fair is a time machine.

— Take a new book and it is already 2019 release. That is the most recent “book cakes” — he joked.


Particularly Mikhail Seslavinsky welcomed the honorable guest of the fair is Italy, Recalling that the history of close cultural Russian-Italian relations originates in the XV century.

Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Italy in Moscow Guido De Sanctis , too, did not remain in debt and thanked the Russian side for the warm welcome.

We put a lot of effort in order to represent Italy in this major international book event, he says. — But we were very pleased and easy because everyone here knows and loves Italy, and even read Italian books in the original language.

In the “Italian prospectus” (as the organizers called their Playground, located on 160 square metres) — meet the most famous Italian contemporary writers, exhibitions and familiarity with more than 2600 books in Italian and Russian languages.

All in all, the fair “Non/Fiction” attended by more than 300 publishing houses from 24 countries: Bulgaria and the UK, Germany and Israel, USA and Taiwan, the Faroe Islands and Chile.

— In the first “Non/Fiction” has attended only 42 of the publishing house and bookstore, — says Director of CHA and Chairman of the organizing Committee of the fair Vasily Bychkov. — Today, the number of participants is limited only by the walls of the Central house of artists. There is no free space.

In the program of the fair more than 400 presentations, meetings with writers, master classes, business meetings and interactive performances for the youngest readers.

30 Nov declared on the “Non/Fiction” Day of Norway, and on 1 December will host “Baltic day in the literary cafe”. Its a special program was prepared by the Poland.

Its place in the CHA and have very small publishers.

— “Non/Fiction” — Russia’s only independent book fair of this magnitude. So we try to bring a small publisher who never managed to get here alone, — says the Chairman of “Alliance of independent publishers and booksellers” Boris Kupriyanov. — 40 regional publishers from across the country received their own stands, and at the joint stand of the Alliance presented books from 120 publishers.

The third floor is traditionally given to the youngest and demanding readers. The main theme of the children’s program — “the Visual world of childhood”, and therefore, to dominate there will be her Majesty the illustration. The painter is such a Creator of good children’s books as a writer. The curator of the Playground of the Russian state children’s library has prepared more than 120 fun activities for the whole family.

Traditionally, the exhibition “Non/Fiction” announces the top list, which this year fell 209 books, carefully selected by the expert Council.

For “the Prize book of the community”, which is awarded at the “Non/Fiction” in 2016, will rival the best smart book on a very controversial topic — “Women’s issues in history and culture.”

Of course, everyone wondered where the 21st exhibition “Non/Fiction”. I had to explain to Vasily Bychkov.


— March 31, 2019, the CHA will terminate its 40-year life, from this moment, all his projects will be held at other venues in the city. Therefore, I invite all of you at the end of November 2019 in the Central exhibition hall “Manege” on the 21st “Non/Fiction”, — he declared.

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