New film “Enchanted”: something went wrong?

Not everyone knows, popular in the late nineties – early two-thousand series “Charmed” was an adaptation of the eponymous series of novels written by different authors. Recently, the screens out the remake. Who became the new “Charmed” and why are they all unhappy? Understand below.

Premiere of the first season of the new “Bewitched” was held on October 14. The plot revolves around two sisters, whose mother dies under mysterious circumstances. Soon the girls meet half-sister and discovers a supernatural ability.

In the new film adaptation of the surname of the sisters is not Holiwell, and Faith, they are latina.

Starring young actress Melanie Diaz, Madelyn’s Mantak and Sarah Jeffrey. Acting is difficult to call it brilliant, but people noted light and intelligent humor.

The contradictory feedback: while the series earned a rating of 3.60 3,524 on IMDB and on the “Kinopoisk”. The result, frankly, unenviable. Actress Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper in the previous adaptation, has strongly criticized the new series. She stated that this is an attempt to capitalize on the promoted brands.

However, rumor has it that the actress might simply be offended by the decision of the producers not to attract the “old Enchanted” to work on a new series. Anyway, Alyssa Milano, who played Phoebe, publicly expressed regret that the last team was not invited to cooperate.

Users of the site “Kinopoisk” noted that the new “Charmed” has turned to be the most tolerant, they raise issues of feminism, equality, racial discrimination, same-sex love. What it is – an attempt to catch the wave of modern trends or the real voice of the youth of today?

And indeed is it fair criticism of the remake, or the original I think is best on the principle of “before the grass was greener”?

It seems to solve must have still yet to see. You can start with the trailer.