Named the first winners of the award “Bookscriptor”

Yesterday in the capital was announced the names of the first laureates of the literary prize “Bookscriptor” for aspiring authors, established this year, the eponymous digital publisher.

In total, the contest in 3 categories – “Young Adult” (literature for adolescents), “Fiction and Fantasy” and “New reality” (Russian intellectual prose) – was sent by 2050 the entries of them in the long-list got 35 works and short-list the jury selected 11 submissions. Winners were named three of them.

Representatives of the award said that in the nomination “New reality” won the writer from Ulyanovsk Gala Urutov with a collection of short stories “the Snow that I missed”. In the category of “Fiction and fantasy” was awarded the Denis caldew from Novosibirsk for the novel-dystopia “Seven million sapphires”. In the category “Young Adult” victory was awarded to the Ukrainian author – Catherine Rubinsky for the book “Psycho”.

The choice is best exercised by the jury, which was composed of: writer, project Manager “Anhedonia” (“AST”) Ilya Danishevsky, interpreter and critic Olga Bukhina, writer Polina Barskova, literary critic Michael Edelstein, author and journalist Evgeny Babushkin, writer, head of Creative Writing School Maya Kucherskaya, and the publisher, the head of the international Department of the publishing house “AST-Eksmo” Ekaterina Panchenko and music critic Tatiana Zamirouski.

Noted that the collection of the gala Urumovii “the Snow that I missed” will be published in the publishing house “Bookscriptor” and will be on sale in his catalogue, and the book of Denis Caldaia “Seven million sapphires” will be released in the publishing house “Eksmo”.