Moscow will host the opening of “Turgenev quarter”

November 8 will host the Grand opening of “Turgenev quarter”, which is timed to the 200th anniversary of the writer. On the territory of the Museum complex will be installed the first in Moscow a monument to the classic of Russian literature.

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In 2007 the Government of Moscow the State Pushkin Museum got the building to create the Museum campus.

Were carried out restoration work, there was a small exhibition.

Decree of the President in 2015 “On the celebration of the anniversary of Turgenev” created the anniversary program, which was offered a full historic restoration of the house on Ostozhenka and the creation of a big Museum exhibition. The nameless Park near the house also became part of the Museum complex.

“Now the restoration work is completed. Hammered the last nails, twisted the last screw. It was, of course, a serious and responsible task, which we have done. In addition to the first in Moscow of a monument to Turgenev, in the Park adjacent to the Museum, installed the sculpture “Mumu”, – said the Director of the Pushkin Museum Yevgeny Bogatyrev at a press conference timed to the 200th anniversary of Turgenev.

The chief archaeologist of Moscow Leonid Kondrashov shared with reporters details of the restoration work:

“The first task was to conduct a scientific restoration, the restoration of the historic appearance of the house. The building had a basement, it was adapted to the technical room, the rest of the room acquired its historical appearance. And all this in order that Muscovites could get acquainted with this wonderful building.”

Head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky added:

“Without compromising the authenticity, it was necessary to equip the building with modern technological means. And it is successful.”

Exposition of the Turgenev Museum on Ostozhenka

Employees of the State Pushkin Museum several years painstakingly preparing for the opening of a new exhibition in the branch “House-Museum of I. S. Turgenev”. They had a complete set of the works of art in “the Moscow Turgenevskaya collection”, was identified and restored. All were renovated 768 items. The most valuable Museum exhibits: autographs of Ivan Turgenev; the letter writer Countess von Mehrenberg; one of the last of portraits of Turgenev, written by the artist F. E. Burov; porcelain fruit bowl, which the writer was in Orel his estate of Spasskoye-Lutovinovo, and more.

The permanent exhibition will be housed in 12 rooms of the Museum. In his artistic conception based on the idea of imagery, and the exhibition halls – like worlds in which they lived, worked, loved Ivan Turgenev. So, the exhibition presents: the World of the road and travels Turgenev; Peace mother; Peace women Ostozhenka home; the World of creativity and others.

The Museum complex of I. S. Turgenev in numbers

– The total area of “House-Museum of I. S. Turgenev” – 992 sq. m;

– The total number of exhibits – 1500 items;

From November 2018 until the end of 2019, the Museum plans to make 75 thousand people.

Direct speech

Director of the state Museum of history of Russian literature. V. I. Dal Dmitry Petrovich Tank:

– Anniversary is an occasion for new ways to talk about Turgenev. Of course, the highlight of the Moscow anniversary program is the opening of the Museum on Ostozhenka. I must mention the peculiar feat of Museum workers, as it was all done great work…

Head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky:

– A tasty Museum, a stunning exhibition, the content and reasoning of decisions. The city for the anniversary of Ivan Turgenev’s ready!

By the way

In 1840, Varvara Petrovna Turgeneva rented a house at Ostozhenka, 37. Varvara Petrovna had lived in the house for 10 years. Ivan Sergeyevich often visited mother in a gray house with white columns. The mansion on Ostozhenka has been described by the writer in the story “Mumu” (1852).
“Gray house with white columns” Muscovites still called the “Mumu House” ever since it was installed a memorial plaque with the appropriate reference.