Miniaturists from 11 countries presented more than 800 models of military equipment at the exhibition in Tula

October 27, 2018 in the city of Tula took place the opening of the exhibition with the title “Technology scale”. The venue chose Tula state Museum of weapons. The exhibition is international, as it in addition to the 35 cities of the Russian Federation takes part in 11 different countries. This was told by Vyacheslav Ermakov, the organizer of the event, noting that the exhibition visitors can see more than 8 hundred miniature models of military equipment.

This exhibition decided to spend just in time for the anniversary of defence of Tula city. During the great Patriotic war, the city the soldiers were defended in the period 20 October – 5 December 1941. In past years this exhibition has already been held, but then it exhibited the exhibits provided by Russian regions, and only this year it became international, as it involved Belarus. Vietnam, Italy, Moldova, Argentina and other countries. There are more than 800 works. Among the miniatures there are a variety of vehicles: motorcycles, armored vehicles, planes, cars and ships. Present in exposure and figurines of soldiers, representing different countries and eras.

Many masters who have decided to participate with their works at the exhibition in Tula, has long been recognized. They had previously participated in Russian and international competitions, received prizes for their work. As an example, Ermakov leads Yuri Alexeev, who in the Moscow military-historical society holds the position of head of the section of military-historical miniatures. In the past 2017, he participated in the reconstruction called “Times and epochs”. On it he managed to break the world record for the longest line of toy soldiers he was 700.

This time the unique exhibition of miniatures in Tula called figures of soldiers, who in the height does not exceed two inches, and also models of military equipment size which is 3-5 cm. Masters, who provided these items. Had to do a lot of work, because it was important not only to repeat everything in detail, but to recreate the effect faded in the sun the paint to produce dust, damage model, as it happened in real battles.

To visit the exhibition of miniatures in Tula till November 11. In the last day scheduled for the contest. In this time will determine the best work. Awards will be made in several categories.