Michael Jackson the sixth time recognized as richest dead celebrity

In Forbes every year is different ratings, including the rating, where the names of dead people whose cultural legacy continues even after you leave life continues to generate revenues. For the sixth time the first place in this rating-is the famous singer named Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009.

The experts from Forbes have done the calculations which showed that over the past year, the heirs of the artists are Michael Jackson received an income of $ 400 million. This is an enormous sum, especially when you consider that last year this indicator was at a value of just $ 75 million. Much of this profit is the money that the heirs were able to gain from the sale of the shares of the company EMI. It’s the record company, part of which belonged to the singer. A large part of the income made and the deal to extend cooperation with the record company Sony/ATV, as well as several television projects, including the project called “Halloween Michael Jackson”.

Behind Jackson is located, deceased in 1977, Elvis Presley, although a year earlier he was on the fourth place of the ranking, Forbes. Then his heirs could receive $ 35 million, but now this amount has increased to $ 40 million. The heirs of the artist to receive income from the sale of a variety of items with his image, the implementation of drives and visits to the estate “Graceland”, which is in the state of Tennessee, in Memphis.

The third place of the rating took the Arnold Palmer – golfer who died in early fall of 2016. Successors have rescued the amount of $ 35 million, most of which amounted to funds received from the sale of rights to golfer invented a drink containing alcohol.

The fourth and fifth position with values in $ 34 million and $ 23 million respectively was taken by the cartoonist Charles Schulz from America and singer Bob Marley from Jamaica. The top ten also included Hugh Hefner – founder of Playboy magazine, Dr. seuss – animator and children’s writer, singer Prince, singer and actress Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, the frontman of the band the Beatles.

Total income deceased celebrities for the last 12 months amounted to 628 million dollars. This is two times more than last year. Basically, these changes have occurred due to the legacy of Michael Jackson.