Meet the authors of “the Suffering of the middle Ages” with readers in “the Pioneer”

November 23
in a bookstore “Pioner Bookstore” Moscow cinema “pioneer” will be possible to talk with the winners of the award “Educator” of the year. As part of the educational program “Pioner Talks” held a public interview with Michael Mesulam and Dilshat Harman – authors of the book “Suffering middle Ages”. “Literature news” wrote earlier that this book was awarded the “Educator” in the nomination “Humanitarian Sciences”.

Michael Maizels and Dilshat Harman will tell the stories behind the medieval bestiaries, and why we are so much fun to look at some miniatures.

The moderators of the discussion will be curator of the literature program of the “Pioneer” Sergey Sdobnov and publisher of the book “Suffering middle Ages” Anna Rakhmanova. Together with the guests of the meeting they will discuss how published the book “Suffering middle Ages”, is it possible to adapt the method of the authors to other historical materials and what book authors writing now.

Readers will learn the answers to the questions: What mysteries remain in Christian iconography? As formed in the image of the Antichrist and how it has affected the understanding of the enemy in geopolitics? What books about the middle Ages are we missing?

Your question to ask the authors of the book “Suffering middle Ages” can be sent to [email protected] marked “the Suffering Ages” or in the comments, personal messages. The organizers of the meeting to consider and they will be assigned to authors on Friday.

At the meeting, you can also purchase the book “Suffering middle Ages” Sergey Zotov, Mikhail Maizuls and Dilshat Harman at a special price and to sign the authors.

The beginning of a public interview in 19:30.

Admission is free, but requires pre-registration.

Live broadcast of the meeting will also see the “Pioner Bookstore” in Facebook.