Medina believes that Russia needs to make more blockbusters

During his interview to one of news publications Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian Minister of culture, said that to increase the fees from the show of Russian cinema, in his opinion, it is necessary to spend money on shooting blockbusters.

In this regard, in front of the cinema Fund plans to put the new task to remove a greater number of blockbusters. The cinema Fund in a short time and movies where the presence of a sign of the organization in the credits, should be associated with best quality. Moreover, attention should be paid to create the films that will be able to attract as its theme, the maximum number of viewers. During his speech, the Minister noted that one should not aim for quantity, it is better to create fewer new films in a year, but to monitor their quality, so that these works could compete with the movies created by Hollywood film studios.

To attract the greatest number of viewers and thereby to increase the fees from the show of Russian-made films, drawing attention to the now very fashionable and popular direction superhero movies. It is very important in the creation of paintings of this kind to take into account national specificities.

Movies extricate is another way to lure audiences to cinemas to view the films created in Russia. As an example, Medina decided to bring the film “moving up”, which has no equal competitors in the theme of sports dramas. Very good product it called the movie “the Last hero”. The great success of this painting he explained not only high quality, but also its combination with national themes and well-conducted advertising campaign.

It is worth remembering that the cinema Fund was founded in accordance with government regulation. It was in early 1995. The main goal of this organization is to support Russian cinema, the creation of conditions conducive to shooting movies high quality, able to become competitors to foreign films. In the current 2018, Russian Prime Minister approved the new Statute of the Fund, in accordance with which there is an additional management body, called the Council Fund.