Ludwig Wittgenstein, architect. Imaginable building and structure thinking. Lecture

Why the famous philosopher of the sign “Ludwig Wittgenstein, architect”? How are architectural projects and ideas of Wittgenstein with his philosophy? The role played by his acquaintance with the architect and theorist Adolf Loos? How to “read” his main project, Haus Wittgenstein in Vienna? Learn these and other facts about the Austrian philosopher and logic, one of the most famous minds of his time.

At the meeting organized by the project “Eshkolot” (with the support of Genesis Foundation), a philosopher and chief editor of the publishing house “Delo” Valery Anashvili and architecture theorist Catherine Kim will discuss the two books, which this year was published in the Russian language and tell about the person and work Ludwig Wittgenstein: a biographical study of the fundamental ray monk’s “Ludwig Wittgenstein. The duty of genius”( Publishing house “Delo” Ranepa) and the book of sociologist Richard Herself “the Master” (Strelka Press).

12 Dec (WED) 19-30, at the School pavilion in the Park Muzeon

Free entrance, necessary online registration