Losev philosopher Arbat

On the Arbat launched the art project “the Philosopher name, number, myth: Aleksey Fedorovich Losev. In honor of the 125th anniversary of the birth”

The urban project is organized by the scientific staff of the “House of A. F. Losev”, and the Library of arts named after A. Bogolyubov. Biography of the thinker was given synthetic: own losevskie aphoristic statements combined with photographs of different years. Here and pre-revolutionary images, and the works of our famous artists Yuri Rost and Pavel Krivtsov. It includes color pictures, made by Valery Arutyunov and provided from the archives of “Student Meridian” Yuri Rostovtsev. The exhibition will run until December 28, 2018.

And next Tuesday, December 11, at 18.00 in the Library “A. F. Losev House” (Arbat, d. 33) held a meeting with one of the most innovative documentary of our day — Director Victor Kosakovsky. Member of the European and American film Academy, winner of many national and international festivals, Viktor Kosakovsky has created his own unique poetic style cinematografe.

In 2018 at the Venice film festival premiere of his new movie “Watercolors.” But his creative path as an operator and Director began with the first film “LOSEV”, filmed in 1988 At a meeting on 11 December, Viktor Kosakovsky, will tell how the shooting took place the film in the last year of life of the great Russian thinker.

Alexey upright — “the Russian newspaper”, 06.12.2018