Local and global

I really hope that this book, a PDF of the layout which, with the consent of the author I was given an AST, you have time to go to the anniversary, the twentieth book fair non/fiction the book fair of the country.

Not only that, this book is ideal for the format of the fair. The fact that the book is wonderful. Tatyana Shcherbina. “Anthropological travelling”.

The circulation hurt the small – 1500. Essays of Michel Houellebecq or Umberto Eco comes out very different numbers, and we still believe this genre is somehow inferior. But even Pushkin wrote: “the Prose demands thoughts and thoughts.” So, maybe to Express these thoughts without unnecessary fantasies?

Moreover, the essays also has enormous artistic potential. Presentation of ideas, observations itself can be graceful and beautiful. Tatyana Shcherbina exactly this and succeed. She writes complex poems, modern prose and clear, very distinct essays. Maybe that’s why to me she like the most. This book contains mostly essays, rarely interspersed with poems (very good) that sets the musical tone of the prose texts.

Tatiana Shcherbina is a tireless traveler. I think she traveled around the world. The book contains essays about Russia and China, Germany and the United States, India, and Vietnam… And of course, a lot of essays about her beloved France, where she is fluent in French, lived for quite a long time.

“People travel has changed the person reading… a Time when life was limited to his city, and only few people move across continents, seems to have epic. Although it was until recently. Recognition comes not only from books: everyone has heard about the Vietnam war, about the French colony of Indochina – getting in today’s Vietnam, to see all of this history firsthand. Country, destroyed at the root, tropics, turned defoliants in the desert, but life began again, in South Vietnam – on the remains of French luxury. Good, smiling, hard-working Vietnamese turn the country into a Paradise where you want to stay. And many remain. Now the period of the second Great migration, the first was in IV-VII centuries, although not so “great”, not of the world”.

A book by Tatiana Shcherbina ideal for non/fiction the book fair of the country

This is from the Preface to the book, which is called “Local and global”. In essence, this is the basic idea, which runs through the whole book and which can be summarised as the issue. What is happening with the world? It is clear that he is struggling with two main forces, or even better to say – will. The will to preserve their ethnic, sub-cultural identity, economic independence, etc., and the will to dissolve this in the global cultural, economic, etc. space. What is better is that correct?

“In this regard, the question arises: which is better – globalization when every country is a world in miniature, with a China town, Arab and African invasion of Europe, Europeans moving to Asia or the originality and charm of the local culture? Everywhere the same brands, the global trading network, everywhere ethnic cocktail, explained in pidgin English – international bird language,” writes nick. And of course, does not answer this question literally, because it has no answer. Life is unfolding as it develops.

As beautiful as any “remote” anywhere in the world, but they all want to live well and comfortably. And because of the great global will be invincible. All we are looking at national “exotic”, sometimes very extreme, but prefer to do it sitting in front of the TV, or during an organised tour with the inevitable return to a comfortable hotel. There are, of course, the young adventurers who are traveling with a backpack on the Indian or the African jungle, but they are a minority, and they eventually return to their civilized places.

Shcherbina writes that in one Chinese province best the bride is pregnant. Girls at the age of 13 resettled in separate houses, and I go to them guys. When a girl gets pregnant, then she’s ready to become a bride. Because by far the parties are not entirely useless. In European “hinterland” people still vote for the mayor, going to the area and raising his hands. In the book Shcherbina very many interesting facts, including about Russia. What’s happening in Suzdal, this “gift” the city, when suddenly cut down electricity. Tourists like Suzdal, but with electricity. And residents of the city too.

A time when life was limited to his city, it seems epic

“Local is the space their “own”, with a clear, though not conducted by the border district, village, town, small town. In the 1990s I lived in Paris this is the environment: in all nearby shops, kiosks, cafes you learned to ask “the usual?” and “how are you?”, now they are more closely grandes surfaces, as it is called in French- literally “large surface”. Lokal personalized and cozy in it, curtains, trinkets, flowers. Global – functional, strict, impersonal, transparent, standardized and more virtual orders everything via the Internet, the Babel of social networks and big cities,” writes nick.

And again there is no answer to the question – which is better? But some answers nick still gives. First, you need to pay more attention to other cultures. Second, the global should not destroy Local, and make it more acceptable to ordinary people’s lives, and attractive to tourists, who, in the end, ordinary people. “Global must come to the aid of Lokal, that he developed so as not to feel no one need bear corner”. This is, perhaps, the main answer in the book. Perhaps it is idealism. But a very human idea.