Life in miniature: Jewish daily life with art critic and historian.

We know a lot about what happened to European Jews in the Middle ages, but the simple, everyday details often elude us. How was organized the house? Synagogue? What furniture there was? What and how you prepared it? How they dressed? As arranged weddings and circumcision? As they prayed and how to do things? Alas, the medieval memoir like books Ehezkel Cat or Polina Vengerovo, has not survived. However, there is an enormous amount of visual material — Jewish miniatures of the XIII-XVI centuries., on which we can judge about the everyday life of the Sephardim and Ashkenazim of the time.

A course of lectures by art historian Dilshat Harman and historian Galina Zelenina will cover four sections: city/house/synagogue, clothing, business and family life, religious life.

Library and reading room for them. Turgenev (Bobrov pereulok, 6, p. 1, 2)

Schedule mini-course:

November 8 (THU), 20.00-21.30

November 15 (THU), 20.00-21.30

22 Nov (THU), 20.00-21.30

29 Nov (THU), 20.00-21.30

Free entrance, necessary online registration

In parallel will be the online broadcast on the website of the Academy Eshkolot