Left the new “Fantastic beasts”. Everything in the movie!

Fans of Harry Potter wait! Today in hire leaves a film “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald”. Quickly tell you about what to expect from the premiere.

The story about the crimes of the magician green de Wald – part of the “Fantastic creatures”. The evil wizard makes a daring escape from a magical prison and begins to gather supporters. The true purpose of green de Wald- to achieve complete superiority of wizards over all non-magical creatures. In the sequel we are waiting for the confrontation of a former student of Hogwarts newt Salamander and his friends and the dark wizard.

This story takes place in Europe of the 1930-ies, long before the birth of Harry Potter, but true fans of Harry Potter will find a lot of familiar names and characters. For example, it is clear from the trailer that tells us more about the origin of Nagini mysterious snake Volan de mort.

The film is distinguished by superb special effects and a brilliant cast. So, newt Salamander plays the Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, the role of the dark green de Wald cast johnny Depp, and a young Dumbledore embodied on the screen by Jude law.

Bet on stars can be justified – already, there are critics, and they, frankly, not very flattering. Journalist Angie Han, for example, called the film “crude at all levels” and dubbed it “the worst in the Universe of Harry Potter.” Earlier fans complained about the bloopers, they discovered in the trailers. For example, the Minister of magic transgressiruet, that is teleported to Hogwarts, although anyone who has read the book knows that thus get into the castle is impossible.

Anyway, the official statement, Rowling says that only parts of the planned five. However, the continuation is waiting for us soon – the third film in the franchise due out in the fall of 2020.