Kusturica announced details about the future of the film adaptation of Dostoevsky

Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica has been told about his plans for the shooting of films based on famous novels classics of Russian literature by Fyodor Dostoevsky and what events in the life of the “upset him” while working on the film.

“Literature news” wrote earlier that the famous filmmaker is working on the script for a film based on the novels of Dostoevsky “Idiot” and “Crime and punishment”. Another year and a half ago at a music festival “Great” he said that he had signed a contract with a Chinese film company about filming in China, planning to implement it with Chinese actors, while moral dilemmas raised in the works of the Russian writer will be transferred to the modern realities of China. According to Kusturica, the key aspects of the work of the great classics will be shown from the point of view of Chinese society and thereby bring the position of the Russian writer to the present.

Film Director told RIA Novosti: “And it will. This is one of those movies that I care about, and now I have a dilemma – to go first to China, Argentina or Russia?”.

Answering the question, at what stage is the work on the film, the Director smiled and said: “I was a little confused about the grandmother that killed the Builder. The opposite has happened story. Grandma no longer the victim – she became a killer.”

Recall that this September in Belgrade was an incident: a 70-year-old pensioner Parking Stojanovic two shots killed the developer Zoran Trifunovic, who was killed threatened the woman’s family, demanding the eviction and claiming the land.

This summer, Kusturica has announced that it intends to make a film on the “Hero of our time” by Mikhail Lermontov in Russia.