Komi Republican printing house donated to the old Russian library, “living” books

The Komi Republic printing-house from Syktyvkar donated to the old Russian library named after F. M. Dostoevsky colorful book about the Komi Republic, its history and the culture of the peoples of this Northern region.

Photo: Victor Bobyr/news Agency BNK

Among these books is “Popular history of the Komi Republic”, recognized in the region, best book of the year 2016 in the Russian language. This publication contains stories about the most significant events of the history and present of the Komi land, concentrated useful information and fascinating facts with reputable scientific evidence.

Interestingly, this “living” book. Via mobile app readers will be able to “revive” pictures. Just hover your phone’s camera to the individual illustrations and they begin to move. You can, for example, to see how the train rushes by rail from Syktyvkar to Vorkuta, like bonfire of the Neanderthals, or as the shots of the cannon at the Peter and Paul fortress flying seagulls. Finding developers – sound design live pictures. If you bring the smartphone closer to the book – the sound gets louder if you zoom out the image – sound subsides.

Another book, “the Republic of Komi”- richly illustrated local history publication. The book is addressed primarily to the younger generation, but it will be interesting and adults. It is bright and clear, and most importantly – not long and boring told about interesting facts. For example, readers will learn why the mammoth is to blame for the universal flood, how many thousands of years the most ancient ski, where in Syktyvkar appeared in Paris, that the length of the shortest lane in the Komi Republic is measured in centimeters.

The book “National cuisine of Finno-Ugric peoples” category in Russian and English, will delight readers, foodies. The book contains photos, recipes and secrets of exciting dishes which can and home cooks-lovers, and includes a brief history and description of the characteristics of Finno-Ugric cuisine. Readers will learn how to make cherry pancakes, pilaf in baltiski, fresh egg-bearing pellet, and more.

The fourth book is the album “Bright city Syktyvkar”, telling about the history and present of the capital of the Komi Republic.

As noted by the General Director of the Komi Republican printing house, member of the Public chamber of Russia Anna Churakova, to maintain the stock “the Russian newspaper” becomes for the company a good tradition.

In February 2018, employees of the printing house was among the participants of autoexpedition “From the Baltic to the Arctic”, organized by “the Russian newspaper” and news Agency BNK. Share “City of Dostoevsky – book as a gift” we have supported one of the first and hope that the little “tricks” with animating pictures will appeal to Russian readers, who will feel a sense of ownership to the peoples living in the Republic of Komi will be able to comprehend their age-old wisdom and feel part of a big and beautiful country with diversity of languages, cultures and traditions,- said Anna Churakova.

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The Komi Republic printing-house – the oldest enterprise in the region of the existing. In 2018, she turned 112 years old.