Italy – guest of honour of the fair of intellectual literature non/fiction

The program, dubbed the “Italian prospectus”, prepared jointly by the Centre for books and reading, by the Embassy of Italy in Moscow and the Italian Institute in Moscow.

The stands will be represented by almost 2000 editions in Italian and translations into Russian. All will come to the fair 29 Italian publishers. In the area of the bookstore “Moscow” it will be possible to purchase books on Italian and Russian classics of Italian literature and contemporary writers, art books, illustrated albums, best samples of essays, children’s literature. Guests will be modern Italian authors Sandrone, Dazieri, Fulvio Hervás, Helena Janeczek, Anthony Klugman, Edoardo Nesi, Roberto Pazzi, Sandra Petrignani, Francesco Piccolo, Tommaso Pincio, and many others.

“Italian prospectus” will reveal to readers the “modern detective” – one of the emblematic genres of Renaissance Italian literature (under the heading “Great Detective Tour”), will talk about some of the many “Wonders of Italy” through the prism of key myths, like the sea, people, food and history, will feature two exhibitions: the photo essay “Where is Elena Ferrante. District, the place of world literature” – 40 photos Ottavio Sellitti will guide visitors through the main places of the tetralogy Elena Ferrante’s “My brilliant friend” (“L’amica geniale”), which takes place in Naples, and “Illustration of children’s literature.

The best Italian designs” exhibition, which brought together 60 original works of 18 of the most talented and well-known Italian illustrators of children’s literature.

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XX international fair of intellectual literature Non/fiction will take place from 28 November to 2 December at the Central house of artists in Moscow.