Issued a series of “stormy weather”

Today we are waiting for the premiere of the series “stormy weather”, filmed on the eponymous book by Alexei Ivanov. The series is very much to the writer, which is a rarity for adaptations. What is so special about the movie?

The plot revolves around a daring robbery that took place in a quiet Urals city. The driver of the collector Herman Nevolin, the former “Afghan”, stole all the cash, and it is 140 million rubles. What pushed him over the edge? Why he sacrificed his former life and is now in hiding in the abandoned village of bad weather? The story is not about crime as it may seem at first glance, but about bad weather in the soul.

Is responsible for directing Sergei Ursulyak, a prominent Russian film Director, who directed the “Liquidation”, “Life and fate”, “the Quiet don”. Starring Alexander Yatsenko, Tatyana Lyalina, Alexander Gorbatov, Sergei Makovetsky and others.

Ivanov’s novel “stormy weather” received the award “book of the year” and caused a great resonance among the reading public.

In instagram account of the Redaction of Elena Shubina has published a review of the writer. Says Ivanov: “This is a very atmospheric film, and “stormy weather” as something impressive goes well with the other seasons that result is a “stereo effect” when you know “all is well”, and at the same time understand that not all is well.

Created the image of the country – a brutal, industrial and almost inhuman, and absolutely harmonious reaction of society on this environment and what to expect else? Although, I confess, everything is so tasty shot that you want to live in the apartment where from the window you can see the Smoking chimneys of the plant…

I really liked the acting. Alexander Yatsenko (he did firmly fastened to the wheel “barbujani”, it can see sideways) with his ability to Express the conscience and nerve – above all praise. Alexander Gorbatov, with its Salavatsteklo and intelligence – real Likholetov, especially when he’s with umbrella. Tatyana Lyalina impossible not to fall in love, the femininity, just fairly makes your heart ache. Of Course, Sergey Makovetsky. How he managed to razvoditsja in monster?

I really liked the situation with the soundtrack – when all is dubbed by music of the era. Great! In General, I think that was vivid and poignant story.”

It should be noted that the writer was wrong to insist to have his name removed from the credits when the film adaptation he disliked. This happened, for example, with the series at the “Tobol”. So that is a good enough reason soon to watch “stormy weather”!

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