In Voronezh will open the book festival “Read-Talk”

Tomorrow in the Voronezh starts a 3-day festival of children’s literature “Read-Talk”, which received the name of the famous poet and translator Samuil Marshak, a favorite of many because the author was born in this city. On the forum’s website, the organizers write, “”Read-Talk” is a great family book festival where fun and cozy little adults, even those who are not able or do not like to read.”

At the book fair, held for the first time in the Palace of creativity of children and young people for the young people of Voronezh will be presented to the best books from 20 publishers, exhibition of modern illustration, discussions with authors, workshops and science shows.

On “Read-Talk” expecting the arrival of writers Irina Boundary, Yury Nechiporenko and Natalia Volkova, illustrators and specialists in family reading. For example, Lada Kutuzov dispel the fears of parents that the “book will teach bad”.

Editor-in-chief of “children” direction of the publishing house “Alpina publisher” Lana, he tells how through reading to improve the child’s IQ at least 6 points. And blogger Dmitry Gasin, host of the popular video blog on YouTube – gasindm, will introduce the latest trends in modern children’s literature.

Translators Olga Varshaver and Natalia Kaloshina will be presented only published in Russian fairy tale of Mark TWAIN’s “the Kidnapping of Prince Oleomargarine”. Scholar and “knight of Russian literature” Mikhail Pavlovets will talk about cats and cats in the Russian poetry of the twentieth century.

At the meetings the comic book club will act as interpreter Marvel Ruslan hubiev, artist Zakhar Amin and the chief editor of “Comics publisher” Anna Korosteleva. While visitors to the site can explain what books to read, to understand comics, and how to write exciting plot for their graphic novel.

During the festival, will run book project “Pimp”, in which the Voronezh residents are encouraged to bring unneeded books at home, so that the collected volumes to take to the provincial libraries and schools, orphanages and homes for the elderly.