In Veliky Novgorod opened a festival of performances based on Dostoevsky

In the Novgorod region started the international festival of chamber performances based on works by Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose name is geographically related to the history of the region.

The program of this year, the 21st in a row, the festival performances of theatres from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kemerovo, Poland,Japan, master classes and creative laboratories, meetings with writers, the memorial events, timed to the Day of memory of Dostoevsky.

The opening was held in the Novgorod academic drama theatre named after Dostoevsky. In the great hall turned exhibition “F. D. – 2018”. Presented posters programmes of festivals for a quarter century, including rare first, you can see which theatres have participated in the forum, who became a winner, as are costumes from performances of the works of Fyodor Mikhailovich, the property of Novgorod theatre. Film critic, lecturer at the State Central cinema Museum, lecturer Institute of Cinematography and GITIS Larissa yelchaninova gave a lecture on “Experience of adaptation of the works of F. M. Dostoevsky in the animation. “Dream of a ridiculous man” (140 years of publication)”.

“First Studio” of the academic Vakhtangov Theatre presented the play “someone else’s wife and husband under the bed”. This is the first directorial work of Catherine Sonnenstrahl, students of the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin (course Yuri Pogrebnichko). The premiere took place in January of this year, the show grew out of academic work of the course Alexander Koruchekova.

The restored monument on the grave of the mother of Dostoevsky in Moscow.

– It was interesting to work with the text, “young” by Dostoevsky. Here his language is still not perfect, in terms of skill, but fresh and forthright in their naivety. We tried to understand it using the language of theatre. The experiment is clean and is right before your eyes. Any scenery. The only scene, five actors, the audience and … the game. The game, which is in the process of the performance is a revelation, says Ekaterina Sonnenstrahl.

Tonight is the opening ceremony of the theatre festival in Staraya Russa, in the cultural Center “Rusich”. St. Petersburg “Theater of folk Drama” will show “All of you will sign to my heart” (about the fate and life of Dostoevsky) in the direction of its artistic Director Alexander Grotovskogo.

The results of the festival will be down on November 12.

Theatre forum dedicated to the works of Dostoevsky, since 1992, is held on the grounds of the Great Novgorod and Staraya Russa. The organizers of the Novgorod academic drama theatre named after Dostoevsky House-Museum of Dostoevsky in Staraya Russa.