In the Park “Patriot” will be the world’s largest Museum aircraft

In 2020 in the Park “Patriot”, which is located in the suburbs, plans to open the Central Museum of the Military space forces. It is now possible to see how it will look like this Museum, watching the videos on the official pages of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in social networks.
It is not just a Museum, but a Museum complex dedicated to aeronautical engineering. He will get the title as the largest such complex in the world and will surpass even now existing in the Le Bourget Museum of aviation and cosmonautics. This Museum will be exhibited dozens of aircraft. Visitors here will be able to see the helicopters and planes that are used and previously used by the army of the Russian Federation. The exhibition will include helicopters and planes of the Soviet and Imperial period. Would find a place for the current aircraft, as well as prototypes which have not entered into mass production.

In the Russian defense Ministry said that the Museum will become a place of storage of aeronautical knowledge and awareness as well as an important part of national education. For the main building and decided to choose the shape of the aircraft. At the top of this structure is arranged a viewing platform, which will be an excellent place to observe various events, for example, with the reconstructions of past military battles or air show.

On the basis of the Museum complex will run a workshop. In the design of the future Museum in the Park “Patriot” decided not to be limited to indoor enclosures. On the territory of his plan to arrange more and open storage facilities. Between the Museum buildings and grounds will arrange for the aircraft. Would find a place and two helipads. For the evaluation of aviation exhibits, as well as for technical expertise, the Ministry plans to invite the appropriate experts.

The new Museum complex is planned to fill the modern touch panels and multimedia kiosks. Museum visitors will be able to try yourself in the role of the pilot, which will have to visit the area of interactive simulations. For the entertainment of visitors plan to make aviation a shooting gallery, where you can compete in accuracy. Thanks to special training programs everyone will be able to try yourself in the role of a military pilot.