In the “House Ostroukhova” presented autoshare Turgenev and other rarities

In the “House Ostroukhov in pipe manufacturers” exhibition “Arabesque. Pages in the life of Ivan Turgenev’s” dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer.

Cozy yellow house located in Trubnikovsky lane, welcomes visitors with a sign with the name of the exhibition.

“This exhibition is a series of very many exhibitions that go to different venues this year – in the State historical Museum, the Museum “Spasskoe-Lutovinovo” and so on. But our show, we think, is special because it is constructed not chronologically, but according to the story, problem. In addition, we show here only our collection,” – said at the opening of the exhibition, Dmitry Bak, Director of the State Museum of the history of the Russian literature of a name of V. I. dal.

By the way, the Museum houses one of the richest collections of objects, including manuscripts and books related to Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev.

The visitors revealed different facets of the personality of Turgenev: the novelist, short-story writer, poet, playwright, memoirist, literary and art critic, connoisseur of art and music.

“Narrative concept of the exhibition allows you to see the many topics related to Turgenev, from a new perspective. …Here half a dozen stories, very different: travel, love, Moscow, music, artists, house, hunting, and some others, each of which allows you to see their drama, their own tragedy,” – said Dmitry Bak.

In the center of the exhibition, you’ll stand with personal items that belonged to Turgenev and his family.

“Everything you see in this showcase is Turgenev’s rarities collection,” explains exhibition curator Anna Mine. It brings to the portrait of the young Turgenev – this image was very fond of his mother and never parted. “If she was angry with Turgenev – and it is not so often visited her, since a large part of his life abroad, she threw the portrait. If she was receiving from him some good letter, hugged it to his chest.”

Hand Turgenev left funny autoshare, where he portrayed himself with a big nose. “I love this autoshare Turgenev, admits Anna emilevna. That’s how he portrayed himself. And love, of course, that’s the job.” The curator points to a humorous drawing of a Chairman of the St. Petersburg censorship Committee Musin-Pushkin, burning the “notes of hunter”.

In the halls at some stands you can take your headphones and immerse yourself in the sounds of blowing into the atmosphere of the past era is the sound of classical music or the voice to read letters by Ivan Sergeevich.

The exhibition, which planned a very interesting tour and a musical-literary evening will be open till 31 Jan 2019.