In the Czech Republic opened the festival of modern Russian cinema

On 5 November, the opening of the festival of modern Russian cinema in the Czech Republic. The event is titled “New Russian film”. During the opening ceremony were shown a film Klim shypenko “Salyut-7”, which was filmed on the script by Natalia Merkulova. The basis of all this story was based on the book “Notes from a dead station” Victor Savinykh, cosmonaut, recognized twice hero of the Soviet Union. At the opening ceremony in the festival hall at the screening of the first film was attended by the astronauts of the Czech Republic and Russia, representatives of administration of the Czech President, the arts and culture of the Czech Republic and other important guests.

Vladimir Remek, the first Czech cosmonaut, during his communication with representatives of the news media said that the festival is an important event in the life of the Czech Republic, which allows local residents to get acquainted with modern cinema of the Russian Federation. Particularly important, he believes such a festival at this time, in such a difficult political situation.

Especially pleasant moment Remek called the opening of the festival of Russian cinema with the film “Salyut-7”. This film tells about the Soviet space station that completely stopped responding to signals from earth, lost control. It happened in the late winter of 1985. Could happen a tragedy, if to help the space station had not arrived in time to rescue expedition on the ship “Soyuz T-13”, which included the flight engineer Viktor Savinykh and commander Vladimir Dzhanibekov.

During the opening ceremony were Alexander zmeyevskiy, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic. In his speech he told about what to display at the event in the Czech Republic, we selected 22 of the film. They include animated, documentary and feature films.

Lillian Malkin, the actress from the Czech Republic, said that the paintings selected for display at the festival, shows that at the moment Russian cinema is on the rise, demonstrates the great potential of cinema of this country. Many films in the Czech Republic in the framework of this project will be shown for the first time. Still, the actress said that if she was invited to take part in the filming of the Russian movie, it is with great pleasure that’d do it.