In the comic Superman was shown to have declared war on the United States of Putin and the Kremlin explosion

In the eighth issue of the comic book series “doomsday Clock” from DC Comics has appeared the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ready to start a war with the US because of the death of the Russians because of the us superhero firestorm.

In the comic book Putin speaks at red square before St. Basil’s Cathedral near the tank and a group of soldiers. Near the head of the state also are Russian superheroes. He accuses the U.S. of aggression and reports the beginning of the war. The President’s speech interrupted by Superman, who comes down from heaven and tries to convince Putin that the firestorm is not to blame in the incident and injured people (they were accidentally turned into glass) can be brought back to life. With the sky for a while watching Batman, which on the radio warns Superman not to take sides in this conflict.

Then the square appears firestorm, in which the military opened fire, touching glassy Russians. Superman tries to stop the conflict, but he prevented Russian superheroes. The hero subdues the enemies, and then turn the tank. The result of the fight becomes the Fire Storm caused by an explosion that erases the Red square and all around. Putin at the same time to leave the scene.

Earlier it was reported that in the same issue, found the victim himataki “Russian puppet Assad.”