In Sochi was opened the exhibition about the legendary Lef

28 November in the capital’s Library named after N.. Nekrasov opened the exhibition “LEF. The experience of creating art day” which is organized by the project “Electronegative” and the division of rare publications and collections with the support of the state Museum of V. V. Mayakovsky.

The exhibition shows the history of the creative Association of LEF – “Left front of arts”, which appeared in 1923. Its main principles were the literature of fact, production art and the social order. The core of the band consisted of former poets-futurists Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikolai Aseyev, Sergei Tretyakov, Boris Arvatov, Nikolai Chuzhak and Osip Brik.

Major examples of the idea of art as genestrerio carried the magazines “LEF” and “New LEF”, the pages of which published manifestos, polemics, literature, cinema, photo, design in entirety, the theory and practice of making art, day or the words of Lipovec Viktor Shklovsky, “direct design of life.”

In 1912, the futurists declared: “Only we are the face of our Time. The horn of time blows us in verbal art. Past closely. The Academy and Pushkin confusing hieroglyphs”. In 1923, Mayakovsky and creative group of LEF, said: “Our weapons – an example of agitation propaganda.”

The exhibition will run until February 10, where you can hear poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikolai Aseev, Sergei Tretyakov, to read the manifestos of lipovtsev, try to guess the authorship of the intertitles and learn more about the “kitchen” of the legendary Association.

On Saturday 1 and 8 December at 14:00 scheduled first curatorial tours of the exhibition, the venue of which will be the I-th floor of the library. A virtual version of the exhibition and a full schedule of excursions presented in a special section of the “Electronicresources”.