In Petersburg have put the story of Solzhenitsyn’s “Matryona”

The chief Director of the Theatre named after V. F. Komissarzhevskaya Leonid Alimov has released the play “Matrenin Dvor” on the short story by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Premiere that December 11 will play in the Theatre named after V. F. Komissarzhevskaya, devoted to 100 anniversary from the birthday of the great Russian writer, philosopher and Nobel prize winner.

The story was published in the journal “New world” in 1962, and in 1989 – in the “light”. The action takes place in 1956, in the Vladimir region. Anna Akhmatova spoke about the new work of Solzhenitsyn: “the Amazing thing… It’s terrible “Ivan Denisovich”… There can be everything on the cult of personality to push, and then… it doesn’t have the girl, and the whole Russian village under the train and got smashed”… Lydia Chukovskaya wrote in his diary in 1962: “…And suddenly Solzhenitsyn and the second thing will not print? I liked it more than the first. The staggering courage, shocking material, of course, and literary skill. As “Matrona”… there is already visible a great artist, human, returns us to the native language, who loves Russia as Bloc said, mortally offended love.”

The original name of the story – “Not worth the village without the righteous.” “The life of the righteous in one act” – defines the genre of the play Director. In the title role – a simple country woman of Marya Vasilyevna Grigoryeva – honored artist of Russia Nelly Popova. “Bessrebrenitsa, a freak, in fact – the Holy fool” – say about the girl. Solzhenitsyn wrote: “There are natural born angels, the righteous, we saw them, were surprised (“jackass”), used their good…”. Read:

– Misunderstood and abandoned even by her husband, Sharonova six children, but not disposition your sociable, alien sisters, sisters-in-law, funny, stupid working on other free – it is not saved property to death. A dirty white goat, a lame cat, rubber plants…

– We all lived near her and did not understand that she is the righteous one without whom, as the saying goes, not worth the village. Nor the city. Neither the whole earth is ours.

The post – war Vladimir oblast, we transfer to the stage the text of Solzhenitsyn, nothing alter – shared with “RG” Director Leonid Alimov. Is in any case not “Danish” play to the 100th anniversary of the writer, just so happy the stars came together, the circumstances of our plans. I have long wanted to put “Matryona”. 30 years ago I read a story in the perestroika “spark” (I still remember the illustration), so he gave me and not let go…

I wanted to create a world of villages completely separate. To go into a different reality. Not to fall – even at the level of the script is in “the Saga of a Russian village”, the more we know the examples of great productions, what not to catch up. I wanted to make a parable, the life, the tale of Matryona. And we invented it with the help of scenography, lights, music. For that I am grateful to the production group. Scenography was doing the main artist of Komisarjevsky Anvar Gumarov, my frequent collaborator, and together we put in the “Baltic house”, and in China, and here. Costume designer – Fagile rural lighting designer – Denis Solntsev. I always pick the music, the mood, the nerve of the play. Although ours is about the village folk songs in it, only two – “Merciful sister” during the First world war and “To me the coat is thin”.

Many are surprised to learn that bent “the old woman” Matrona Popova plays Nelly, a young, beautiful actress. Employed in the performance of both the older generation and the young artists soon adopted the company. For example, the role of the Ignatievich in his youth, teachers, guest Matrona, takes Bogdan Gudymenko, a graduate of the Studio of Sergei Byzgu.

– Of course, I was surprised by the appointment of me for the role of police, confessed Nelly Popova. – The Director wanted to get away from the stereotype that if a girl, a stout, healthy Russian woman. No, on the contrary, thin, small, fragile, on which rested the whole land is ours. The girl is the image of Russia, no matter how pretentious it sounded. She, like many at the time, a hard, joyless life was. The postwar period: the men in the village little, the whole burden fell on the shoulders of women. Reliable, always ready to help a believer in his own God, the pure soul, do not need anything in return.

Actress Svetlana Kirikova plays several roles.

The Director has crafted the characters are: Thrush – native is Russian, warmth, beauty, tenderness. Official – evil, which led to the fact that Russia on her knees. Sister Marya – I asked, and she blessed me, she doesn’t have, they’ll give you, – said the actress. Of course I wanted to play the prose of Solzhenitsyn. The story “Matryona’s yard” I read in his youth. A simple story, it would seem. But what is So tragic… my mother lived, and her mother too. They saw joyful? Not like the villagers Matrona, treading, bend, and laugh at her. And she looks like a birch – bend, and then straighten. If you think about it, it is not only the image of the woman is the image of Russia. So hard and so scary – to know love and lose. And carry it in my heart all my life… no husband, No children. And no joy. But peace in the soul, relationship with God. Live outside the hustle and bustle, enjoys the sun. Pallaskenry, under-loved, but still carries light and heat. This is our female nature. The play is poignant, timely, telling us the audience.

What about the staging of the twenty-first century audience, especially the young, young, hurt him? This outdated text “does Not take Matrona of money working for others for free”. “Clocks purchased in the General store”. “And Breakfast the.-ate.” “What could I order to Watamu? All the same, cartavi or soup cardboard”. Barracks, Torfoprodukt, social security, office of…

– Do I need someone today from this story? We also asked this question. This story is genetically in all of us. The memories of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers. They – we, Matryona. Everyone will remember something different. I know to whom I dedicate this performance – says Nelly Popova.

People’s artist of Russia Georgy Korolchuk (ignatich in old age) on the question of the correspondent “RG”: “Thought of you that someday will play the prose of Solzhenitsyn?” he answered:

Thought. I have read Solzhenitsyn, read, know and love. It was impossible to neglect the fact that reading, and here Solzhenitsyn called… Happiness that it happened. A half hour of silence in the room is expensive. And we, artists, are in this performance as a special, high voltage that theatre is always nice. Pleasure to be in this performance. It happens not often.

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Leonid Alimov in 1995 he graduated from LGITMIK (now LISI), acting and directing course of Lev Dodin.

From 1994 to 2004 he worked in the Academic Maly drama theatre. Then the actor of theatre “Baltic house”. In 2013 she made her debut as a Director presenting the play “Stalin. Night.” Put in “the Baltic house” performances “Met – spoke…” (the works of Sergei Dovlatov), “Day of cosmonautics”, “Joke” (on the play by A. Vampilov “Paginator”), in the Theatre on Vasilevsky – “These free butterflies…”.

2018 – the chief Director of the St. Petersburg Academic drama theatre. V. F. Komissarzhevskaya. The first production of “Doctor Zhivago”.