In Paris will name the winner of the Goncourt literary prize

The main contender to win the believe 52-year-old French writer David Diop, author of the novel “Kindred spirit”

PARIS, 7 Nov. Winner of the Prix Goncourt – the main literary award of France – will be named on Wednesday in Paris. After reading several hundred new novels, the jury narrowed the list down to four nominees named.

Favorite award believe 52-year-old French writer David Diop grew up in Senegal. His novel “Kindred spirit” (d Frre me) returns readers to the trenches of the First world war, the centenary of the end of which will be celebrated on Sunday, November 11. The narrative in the book is on behalf of the Senegalese arrow is a direct participant in the dramatic events.

Among the other contenders – 40-year-old Nicolas Mathieu, author of the novel “Children after them” (eux Leurs enfants aprs). The action of his new book, the 40-year-old writer takes in 1992. According to reviewers, this book is “a story about first love, first summer, all of which predetermine”.

In the center of the story in the novel Tom Reverdy “Winter of discontent” (L’hiver du mcontentement) – winter strike of 1979 in the UK and the crisis that brought to power Margaret Thatcher. In the list of nominees a 37-year-old Paul Gravejat. The character of his book “Masters and slaves” (esclaves Matres et), on the conflict between creativity and power, is the artist.

The name of the winner of 2018 will be announced on Wednesday in second half of day the Secretary General of the Goncourt Academy, Didier Decoin.

The name of brothers

The most famous literary award in France was established by the brothers Edmond and Jules de Goncourt. Plan tandem, decided to support the colleagues, was first introduced in 1903, and since then, the award was given annually.

Critics of this literary tradition, however, put the blame of the Academy that it “overlooked” by prominent authors. So, the reward has not got even the classics of French literature Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, who became not only a member of the Goncourt Academy, but also its President.

The Academy, however, fully rehabilitated as winners of the masters of French literature, Marcel Proust, Maurice Druon and andré Malraux. The award is intended to authors writing in the French language. However, its representatives were the writers of Russian origin Henri troyat, Elsa Triolet, Romain Gary, andré makin.

The award ceremony

At the Goncourt Academy does not have its own premises, and its single staff member works from home. All ten academicians, elected for life, work exclusively on a voluntary basis, requiring no compensation for reading a few hundred novels and the selection of the winner.

Ceremony script for many years has not changed. During the meal academicians in the restaurant “Groin” (Drouant) the Secretary will extract from an old cooler champagne a sheet with the name of the winner. At first glance, she the prize is not so big: €10 (about 800 rubles).

Her cash devalued the turmoil in currency markets that occurred after its establishment at the beginning of the last century. But winning the prestigious Goncourt competition guarantees the winner a respectable circulation at home and translations into many foreign languages. Usually books Goncourt laureates disagree with a circulation of not less than 400 thousand copies.